$33,328 – OVER 620% ROAS Google Ads Strategy For Shopify! [Student Results!]

$33,328 – OVER 620% ROAS Google Ads Strategy For Shopify! [Student Results!]


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In today’s video I share 3 general tips to be successful with Shopify in 2019.

The eCom Project is a show for E-Commerce entrepreneurs on how to launch, improve and scale their businesses. My experience with E-Commerce comes from running my own 6-figure brand and working with dozens of 5-, 6- and 7-figure clients in the past.


  1. 👉👉Get my Goole Ads E-Com training at the lowest price ever – and secure a spot in the new 3.0 version: https://go.theecomproject.com/ppc

  2. Hi Marco. Thanks for your great videos. I have 10000+ products in my niche store. What tactic would you recommend for me? Run all products in the first shopping campain or maybe few categories only or use ~50 selected products? I dont want to spend more than $30-50/day if possible. Thamks!

  3. "Make sure your store doesn't look like shit" We've been saying this for over a year yet everyone still throws up these lumps of junk on brooklyn theme 😂😂

  4. Brother i am your oldest subscribers and watch your all video and create store i loss 3500$ on facebook and 2 day left on my store subscription and i not have money plz help Me and promote my atore on your facebook ads or google adword

  5. Should I add exact match to negative keywords?

  6. Does it make sense to test a single product shopping campaign? Basically testing one variant/design with a 10-20$ budget per day after checking if there is demand for the niche

  7. Hey Marco, I live in Europe, and I want to advertise in the USA , When i try to see what the competition is advertising, i don`t get any results, I found that Google has put restrictions, that i can only see shopping ads that are advertised in my country. How you deal with this issue is there any software to workaround? Also, my shopping bar at Google is missing, what can i do?THANK YOU!

  8. I have some thoughts that with Google Ads there is more comparison possibilities than with FB or IG – do you think it is worth to promote products dropshipped from China with so long shipping? Or just sourced from US with max few days shipping?

  9. Hi man. NICE video!!!
    I have a question to you. My merchants center gives an error and i don't know what i does wrong.

  10. yes, don't change niches too early, solid point

  11. Hey bro since you say to dropship high ticket items is better, should we definitely dropship from US or China since almost there’s no option to dropship certain products from the US, since I’m afraid of returns and then returning it to China or me just having to give them a full refund? Any suggestions? Thank you

  12. Is he operating with local US supplier for these high ticket products or still with AliExpress?

  13. I bought your 2.0 version. Do you think it's still works until now, or I have to buy your new course lol?

  14. When do you decided to cut you search ads? When it just started

  15. are conversions wayyy down for January or just me?
    this strategy that you shared, for high ticket low volume is it possible with smart ads?
    what was the price range of this high ticket winning item, not asking for specific price, just ballpark

  16. Great video as always. Can you do a video on how to find high ticket items or niches, I have trouble finding good items over £100 that aren't furniture related

  17. Really solid advice man, was there high search volume for this store's niche?

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