$5M SHOPIFY Live Q&A + Proof! (Must See)

$5M SHOPIFY Live Q&A + Proof! (Must See)


(WORKSHOP HAPPENED) Replay here: http://dandasilva.clkpfct.com/go/yt-family-fred-invite


Free Shopify Masterclass Course: http://dandasilva.clkpfct.com/go/free-access-link-shopifymasterclass

SHOPIFY MASSIVE DISCOUNT 10% 1 Year Discount + 21 Days Free: http://dandasilva.clkpfct.com/go/shopify-discount

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  1. Is that badass Fred Lam!!!

  2. GuysπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’₯ thanks!

  3. I can't open the Replay of the workshop. Does anybody know how to do so ?

  4. "GoHorseLover . com"… lol

  5. Jon Mac targeting his YT ads with your YT audience Dan haha

  6. The reason the "gurus" post public videos for every n00b to flock and copy each other, is to make money from courses and software, in order to finance their ad spending. That has the negative effect of saturating the competition and making the pie slimmer. Plain an simple. It has been that way for at least 12 years in the IM world. I actually had to cancel a course 10 years ago and only teach it to a tiny group, because of that. I believe in oligopolies. Too many in one niche means no money for most. Sorry, but that's the truth. After 2 decades in the sector, I've seen it all.

  7. INSANE , i will hustle to be in that same Position!

  8. true you are testing, your going to lose money, but when you crack it! oh boy!

  9. Link to the store or it didnt happen

  10. Also, who owns GymShark? That site be cleanin up!

  11. Hey Dan!. Great stuff, what facebook conversion event you are using? do you go using purchase right away or start with VC , ATC etc2 and change to purchase after you get 25+ events or Purch?

  12. #No. 5 ORANGE @18:ish πŸ™‚ #dollarslice NIIIICE – thanks for the time and the HUGE VALUE here guys. <<VANCOUVER ROCKS>>

  13. How do you solve the money "HOLD" status on credit card payments? paypal expresscheckout and also other gateway have that..

  14. Hey Fred. Hey Dan. Subbed. You earned it. Keep killing the game. I found you through Tanner… who I found through Graham… πŸ™‚ HIT THAT HOME RUN AND EXCEED YOUR 2018 GOALS!!

  15. Next 1 min talk from here: https://youtu.be/2oCfQTW4JXE?t=2182 is the thing to focus on guys… b/c it can only be told by a person who masters google' ads… as far as most fb advertisers are, they don't know shit about such stuff, but they call them ruling fb ads πŸ˜‰ lol…

  16. To start off I apologize for the bad English I am French. I started a Facebook ads with a new Facebook page. Everything is new Facebook page, Shopify store for dropshipping. My first ads I did in conversion with a budget of $ 5 per day. A lot of people trainers say rather that I should have started in integration because is better for the pixel to add data at the begining. What do you think? Ty very much and i love your video.

  17. Dan and Fred are in the house, two of my favorite people!!!!

  18. thank goodness I felt like asking his age was petty, good to know I wasn't alone. thx for the video guys πŸ™‚

  19. You guys have a little bromance going on. Haha pretty cool! Thanks for the Q&A guys, you are delivering so much value. I'll give back one day just as you guys are doing!

  20. So much criticism? So many people who are seeing possibilities for creating an own gold mine, but prefer to be sceptical. In times of former gold rushes people travelled hundreds and thousands of miles in the hope to make a fortune, often loosing their lives. Today, on this day today, everyone is part of the modern and unique "gold rush" that makes millionaires in their twenties, but almost all people are sitting on the "wrong side of the mouse" and behaving stupid.

    "Clicking" makes those happy (and rich) who are acting in a useful manner, but most of the "clickers" are just stupid, but helping those on "the other side of the mouse" becoming rich.

    That means: Everything is in best order! πŸ™‚

  21. less than $1 per view content and more than 1.5% click through rate. thanks. v useful tips.

  22. The Odd Couple is brought to you by Facebook.

  23. From a Fred to a Fred, you’re the man!
    Greetings to both of you from Portugal

  24. whats the data point for the CPm? what is the range u look for in CPM within 24 hrs to determine whether to cut or continue with ad? dan or fred please?

  25. Hey guys! When doing email marketing, how do we make sure that the emails go to customers' inbox and not junk folder?

  26. good shit. Showing this to buddies who need more drop ship practical tactics. Practicality is key in my opinion into implementing strategies

  27. hey dan, i'm interested in taking a plan on your trifunnels app, can we add a logo on the buildin pages ?

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