6 Figure Shopify Dropshipper VS Beginner (MAIN KEY DIFFERENCES)

6 Figure Shopify Dropshipper VS Beginner (MAIN KEY DIFFERENCES)


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There are several things which differentiate a 6 figure dropshipper and a beginner.

In this video, I go over the exact things which cause a dropshipper to become successful and how even beginners can take advantage of that to become successful.

The main difference starts off at product research and product selection. Those that are successful work based on the data, especially when it comes to choosing products.

This entire process is followed by Facebook/Google Ads creation. The experienced ones know how to utilize things like audience insights or suggestions tab for success.

I end the video talking about monitoring results and how both these categories of individuals monitor their results. One takes actions based on feelings and the other based on emotion.

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    Keep on grinding!

  2. What's good Shri I hope you're doing great broski 🤙💯

  3. Sri.. You are so right man. I am at the begining stage. Tried 3 products yet. Did not take me nowhere. But what you have described is exactly happening to me. I am sure it's the same with every single beginner. Dropshipping demands a lot to be successful. You have to have many talents to strive through and make it. Like
    # You must know the basics of ecommerce.
    # you must learn how shopify works.
    # you must learn facebook ads processes. It's a big big one. This one is a whole subject in itself.
    # you must learn and study ads structure and how media ads look like and work.
    # you must learn softwares in order to create ads.
    #you must have a keen eye to find winning product.
    # you must have plenty of money to loose. $500, $1000 won't take you anywhere. It's a joke and a bait youtubers use that you can start with $300 dollars. It's not even enough to test a product with Facebook ads.
    # you must be ready to give at least 6 months just to see if dropshipping works for you or not.
    # you must have the ability to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers.
    # you must be willing and ready to be awake 24 hrs sometimes. And be ready to wake up in the middle of the the night to implement whatever is necessary for the business.
    # AND the big one finally. You must be ready to accept the fact that even After having done everything right above, It is almost impossible to pin point what caused the failure. It could be, your store design, product itself,
    testing budget,
    or simply the timings of the ads,
    countries…blah.. Blah.. Blah x 10…….????????????

    Bitter truth is no one can help you to figure out what went wrong with you…. You can just guess the reason may be it is all of the above or just one… Keep guessing..

  4. Would you recommend importify ?

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