6 Tips To Make $100,000 This Q4 Dropshipping With Shopify – (VALUEBOMBS)

6 Tips To Make $100,000 This Q4 Dropshipping With Shopify – (VALUEBOMBS)


If you are dropshipping with Shopify then Q4 is the biggest 4 months for your shopify stores. In this video I will share 6 tips that you need to do if you are Shopify dropshipping in the lead up to Christmas

If you want to make money with shopify then you need to watch this video.

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DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.


  1. Hey broski you’re one of the few people in this field that share mad inspiration. Would it be possible to talk in private sometime?

  2. Can you make a video about finding a supplier outside of aliexpress to fulfill orders more quickly? Thanks

  3. não entendo oque esse cara fala

  4. Hi! Thank you for all of your helpful #valubomb videos! I have a couple of questions if I may ask: 1) When do you know if it's a good time to move off of Aliexpress on an item, 2) Can you show how you may set up a few different FB ads if you're dropshipping items you've never seen before? I'm just starting now and I don't think I'd get the products in time to create ads before the most critical time. Videos are best from what I understand and that is totally out of the question and…well, I'm totally overwhelmed on the entire FB ads part. Help!!!

  5. can someone please type the recapitulation in points please ? <3

  6. Awesome vid, I'm a new subscriber 🙂 Quick question, do you have a favorite upsell app that you like to use?

  7. Hey Beast Of Ecom we all APPRECIATE you're value bombs🔥🔥 as usual thank you sir:) would you mind doing a video over the shoulder on ..
    ➡️ How to make a successful Instagram Influencer sponsored post? 😄

  8. For me the key thing is good quality source of visitors, so I use nicheonlinetraffic.com

  9. 👍👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  10. Been subscribed since 3digits, you the best than any other youtuber out there

  11. VALUE BOMBS! Ready to back up the truck these next few months

  12. How do you make sure your customers actually buy the bundles products when you are using the variant technique? I had customers clicking on the buy 2 Discount price but only purchasing one and they still got the discounted price

  13. Great video. It's Q4 and it's going to be crazy. I'm following you on IG @johncalderon_x10 let's go out and get it done right. 👊🏽💪🏽📦📬💱📮

  14. Thank you for #valuebombs. I'm just starting out. Question: should you use GB £ pounds currency for your products or US $ dollars on your Shopify store?

  15. “One of my goals now is to get 10K subscribers to my YouTube channel by the end of this year…"
    Can see with 10,406subsribes today, you ticked another off your ToDoList. Can only keep growing. Well done!

    Is it possible to send these 6 tips in a PDF to your email list?

  16. Grow that beard bro u will look sick 💯

  17. I dont know how you guys count months in the UK but the last 3 months are Q4, September is still Q3 haha (:

  18. I have done $5,000 in my first month, now I feel stuck! Really wanting to do at least $1K per day in sales or more!

  19. does he has any video where he talks a out the PPE strategy?

  20. The value bombs are helpful, but for a new person how do implement the Facebook ADs ? To be successful you need to learn FB ADs. What is the best way for me learn so I'm ready for the busy season. Thank you.

  21. Q4 is gonna change my life, gonna apply all the things i'm learnt from your videos and i'm waiting curiously for the full course , thank you for some more #valuebombs

  22. I'm hitting $20k+ in a month now… Gotta get that big💰

  23. Let’s go bro! Goal is to make my first 100k these last 4 months. Will keep you posted on results. 🙏🏾

  24. 🔥 JOIN THE PRE-LAUNCH WAIT LIST HEREhttps://www.beastofecom.com/prelaunch

    Are you ready for Q4? If you got some value from this, drop a comment let me know!

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