7 Lessons Learnt From Spending $1,000,000 On Shopify Facebook Ads Dropshipping

7 Lessons Learnt From Spending $1,000,000 On Shopify Facebook Ads Dropshipping


Here are my lessons from spending money on Shopify Facebook ads. Over the years I have learnt a few things whilst using Facebook ads to get shopify sales and drive traffic to my dropshipping store & dropshipping products.

I will be explaining 7 keys things that, if you are dropshipping with shopify or want to make money with shopify you need to hear.

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DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.


  1. you say if it works in one ad account, it may not work in another ad account, then how do you really know if a product is a winner or not? only if you have tested it in multiples accounts???

  2. Great video! I just recently received an F Hammer, so I know what you mean 🙂 sadly did not see this video sooner.
    Now trying to get back on the feet, as it probably will take 6 months before I can do anything.
    Just wondering how you managed to have multiple Ad Accounts? Do you use the same payment methods for each?

  3. Nice vid bro..but you are very close to the camera;) step a little back

  4. Very good tips, thank you! I never thought to make backup business manager accounts. Great info! BAN HAMMER lol peace

  5. Great content man. & yes fuxx different ad accounts behave differently. Btw what location targeting you use most of the time? Is it still the same US & worldwide separately?

    I been using tier 1 epacket big 4 with mixed success

  6. How do you get videos for all of your product? Thanks bro!

  7. Really this is the best video I have ever watched from you and I say this having watched a lot of your videos and liking just about each one of them. You teach so well! Thanks a million!

  8. Yes this was very informative and i learned something new. I appreciate it bro. Im starting a new store and nee ad sets do you test one product at a time or do you do carousel? Is one pixel all you would ever need for that one store? Thanks in advance

  9. I have a pixel with 450 purchases in the fishing niche early 4 months ago and 180 purchases in the running niche 2 months ago, will this data help me if i test related products? If yes, how much help will this bring?

  10. Love you for help,.please
    One video for how to retargetting audience…
    Good going…🤗🤗🤗

  11. Thank you so much sir 🙂

  12. Can you make a video on how to make carousel ads?

  13. Why don't you show your FB ad acc? Because you haven't spent no million dollars on FB you dummy.

  14. YEWWWWW hit that 10k subs

  15. OMG you're the best youtuber who revealed his FB ads experience!!! I got Ton of value and I just added the video into the playlist 😋. And Just subbed 🙂…Thanks bro for #VALUEBOMB 😎

  16. can you give me some suggestion ?

  17. with how much money can i start ?

  18. if you keep adding new adsets won't they be too much and what can i do if i dont have enough money ?

  19. just started with the online course and i already love it!

  20. Bro, i double dare you to do a mini facebook Ads course and charge a small fee… peace 🙂

  21. You spent $1m on your ads? Here I am still worrying how will my $5 fb ad do?

  22. What percentage of videos do you buy the actual product and make the video for? I feel like it can get costly to buy a bunch of products to create product demo videos without knowing they will ever be a winner. Is that just the "name of the game"?

  23. damn that camera is SHARP man.

  24. I have built a women's retail e-commerce store, how do I scale this?

  25. Love your vids man, I think you are the most underrated channel of ecom in YouTube you should have at least 1 mill. Don’t stop the grinding bro 🔥 keep inspiring people to become great

  26. Guys if you trouble to make $ on shopify…the king is here to help us all…#beastfam ♥

  27. BEAST IS HERE 🔥🔥🔥

  28. SUPERB……this the flow fb ads management.. thanks

  29. Valuebombs as always! Rolling in on 10k Subs Congrats

  30. Create different ad accounts and the same page to advertise?

  31. Do you share pixel to another ad account, if so (how do you share pixel), also do you use Trackify to do this?

  32. I think you channel has way too many valuebombs😂😂

  33. Hey man, how many VC's do you think you need to start retargeting?

  34. Hey man, what would you consider a winning product? Is that just any product that is profitable after all expenses?

  35. Bro in your Free course you teach people to go with View content 😠

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