7 Print-On-Demand Design Mistakes Beginners Make | Printful 2019

7 Print-On-Demand Design Mistakes Beginners Make | Printful 2019


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Are you making these print-on-demand design mistakes? 😱 Watch this video and don’t lose time and money on designs that will fail–sometimes even before you start selling them.

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About this video

Are you making these print-on-demand design mistakes? Creating the perfect print-on-demand design isn’t easy. In this video, we’ll go over the top things you should avoid from the get-go.

The number one mistake most beginners make is not paying attention to copyrights and trademarks. Not only will it violate content policies of most of the services you use, but it will also get you in trouble with the law. That means you can’t print shirts with designs you found on Google without checking who it belongs to, create designs with your favorite brand slogans or even sell fanart-based designs. Keep in mind that Printful doesn’t assume liability for copyright infringements and this video should not serve as concrete legal advice – consulting a copyright attorney is always the best route if you have specific questions about your products. While copyrighted material can be used under fair circumstances in the interest of free speech and cultural advancements, more often than not though, transforming or using someone else’s work for profit just doesn’t constitute fair use. It’s all determined on a case-by-case basis. We’d recommend to always play it safe and either use work that’s under public domain or create original designs.

The second most common problem with print-on-demand designs is boring and unoriginal content. Print-on-demand products, in contrast to drop shipping, have a higher cost per product because they are printed on demand. If you’re trying to compete with products that are not unique and are printed in bulk, you just can’t keep up with the prices elsewhere.

If you buy your designs online and only go for the cheapest ones you can find, they might lack either quality or originality. Using these will again lead to boring or unoriginal content that won’t drive any sales.

In addition to that, print-on-demand print files require a lot more extra work than a regular design. Keep in mind that you need to color correct for printing, use transparency wisely, check the image resolutions and tons of other stuff.

Choosing the right product, keeping an eye on your grammar and checking if you have all the required inside label info are also a must. To be on the safe side about the quality of your prints, order a sample before introducing them to your store.

What else do you want to know about creating print on demand designs? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. What else do you want to know about creating print-on-demand designs?

    🚩Table of Contents ⬇

    📍 00:00:29 Copyrighted and trademarked content

    📍 00:01:56 Boring or unoriginal content

    📍 00:02:39 Cheaping out on designs

    📍 00:03:39 Bad grammar

    📍 00:04:09 Violence and graphic content

    📍 00:04:45 Missing inside label info

    📍 00:05:14 Awesome design, wrong product

  2. Hey Printful team, am i able to have gradients in my design on a regular shirt like bella+canvas, not all-over print? AND what if my designs have like brushes and little grunge designs? are those all better on all-over prints?

  3. Wait, violence? So I cant work on printful with horror designs? 😮

  4. hey I do sublimate on cotton t shirt how to showcase my product creating a store attractively?

  5. I’m new can you create and sell from an iPad

  6. These were good beginner mistakes, but what about more advanced mistakes to watch out for for designers when it comes to files and graphics for print?

  7. need some tips, got an intricate design that needs to be draped over the shoulder area. It's a lil tricky but you can do it.

  8. How does black ink look on black t-shirts/sweatpants? Any strategies to get that chic look?

  9. You don't print all-over t-shirts??? What about pet products? I was looking into your portfolio and although i found it quite extensive, there can be more items added in the foreseeable future. One of those is all-over print ts, and pet products like bandanas or puppy/kitten sweaters. Thanks.

  10. Great video man! I love to work with printful

  11. You've answered my question! Thanks for this video.

  12. ^This link my be helpful to some of you all. Check to see if quote/funny saying/meme are trademarked…. I did a design us (HEMPTASTIC} It was "SICK". But something told me to check first… Good thing I did… https://trademark.trademarkia.com/hemptastic-77644377.html

  13. My question is: There are text messages, that are not lyrics to a song, that are copyrighted?

  14. I am very interested in how to choose the correct colors.

  15. Also, is there any other additional charges than the product cost+shipping? I heard caps has an additional charge.

  16. Whenever I find a great quote/funny saying/meme.. I just check whether there are already created designs for those.. not a single one left :/ Is it okay to use freely found quotes/sayings even there are many designs already done for it?

  17. I gotta say that I am a little surprised about some things you mentioned, since for me they are so normal that I don't even think about it. When I read that someone lost a lot of money on printful, I was a little shocked, until I read why. He just wanted to sell products but apparently he didn't take time to think about any of it, a business plan or whatsoever, didn't even make his own designs and hired a designer that cost him hundreds of bucks. I'm glad you are giving this advice to people who may rush into their online store, I hope they take time to make sure their prints are as alright as they can be. I have recieved a couple of sample orders and not only mugs but also shirts are awesome. The best thing though is the crewneck sweatshirt. My designs (which is just text) look good on everything but damn that sweatshirt is so soft that I know I myself will be wearing it as soon as it gets colder.

  18. Do I suffer copyright problems in the printful platform

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