$8,383 In 8 HOURS Without Facebook Ads | Here's What I Did (Shopify Dropshipping)

$8,383 In 8 HOURS Without Facebook Ads | Here's What I Did (Shopify Dropshipping)


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  1. I didn't even notice I wasn't subscribed to you! 😂 Anyway, thanks for all the amazing videos!!

  2. This is nice info but I'm curious if we don't have that much initial capital like perhaps 1000 USD for 1 ad how do we deal with this?

  3. ayo great video man, really nice giveaway you got going on hmmm

  4. Isn't it illegal to sell products that are from a different brand like in this case marvel for the infinity fist thing? Didn't you have problems in the past with that and advised us against selling products like game of thrones, spider man etc from big brands? Or am I missing out on something.

  5. That's an awesome video, wonderful, but how do you get to the Youtube page of influencers?

  6. Well I’ve done all the steps I just hope i get it

  7. Justin I did ALL 4 STEPS! 🙂

  8. how do I make the ad/put in in their video?

  9. Free store?! Let’s go! Subbed and liked

  10. Hey Justin ! I’ve done everything, even I subscribed without knowing about the give away, your advice is great I’m almost done with my Shopify store. Keep up the great work !!

  11. Thanks man, your content is very well!

  12. How did you sell the gauntlet and not get sued by Disney?

  13. Wow this is really useful

  14. Done all the steps and need help haha.

  15. Did anybody notice that he made a sale while making this video?

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