Affiliate Marketing vs. Shopify Dropshipping – Which One Is Better?

Affiliate Marketing vs. Shopify Dropshipping – Which One Is Better?


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  1. by far the best video on affiliate marketing vs Shopify on internet

  2. Very Nice, would you be interested in using my music for free? Keep up the good work!

  3. But, Which is Long Term Business, Affiliate or Dropshiping?

  4. We knew this was coming. You're very smart exploiting these platforms like this 👌🏾


  6. we miss you dan 💙 welcome backk dude

  7. Are you the guy from LucasAndKyle channel??

  8. Bro, did you drink some GMO bud light before the video? lol… Thanks for video

  9. Oh shit its DAN from RDHS! How are you man, I hope you're are doing well. Its Chris Burgos. I would love to talk to you sometime. Talk to you soon man.

  10. another useless video where words just have too much liquid in them.

  11. The number 1 mistake I see beginners make is getting into Shopify and then complaining about losing all their money. The Gurus need to chill. I also might make a video on this topic.

  12. Why not just use sendlane instead of clickfunnels?

  13. Congrats on 100k bro, well deserved!

  14. Dan, did you see that your channel had a cameo on Netflix!? If not, it's on the show "Explained", episode "Crypto currencies". It shows Ryan Hilldrith talking about it and below him you can see the Ecom Dudes logo. I believe it was one of your colab videos. Cool stuff.

  15. If you build an email list from your Shopify store… can you use that for affiliate marketing?

  16. Dan i want to talk brother. Related to the inner circle payment. Yes i am the same guy i reached out to you everywhere but no response.

  17. Hi Dan dasilva,I want to start shopify store therefore I Want to learn shopify and Facebook ads,where can I learn this?plz tell me.thanks

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