Amazon FBA Keyword Research- 2019 Tutorial for Beginners

Amazon FBA Keyword Research- 2019 Tutorial for Beginners


Amazon FBA Keyword Research- 2019 Tutorial for Beginners

I’m going to show you how to do Amazon keyword research from beginning to the end. This is an updated 2019 tutorial for beginners. Using the methods I discuss in this video will help you figure out how to rank for keywords on Amazon.

Step 1: Use a Amazon keyword research tool, I prefer Viral Launch. You can use my code here to save 15%

Step 2: Enter in your keyword

Step 3: Click on creating listing

Step 4: Start filling out your title using the most important keywords. Remember! Do NOT separate them. Keep all the keywords in its exact phrase order.

Step 5: Once the title is done, move to Amazon FBA backend search terms & subject matter. Remember it is 250 characters per field for each. No need to separate using comma.

Step 6: Write your 5 bullet points & product description using customer reviews on your competitor’s products!

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  1. Hi Tom, i realise you repeat the keyword coasters multiple times in your backend search terms and also in exact phrase order. Is that more effective? The conventional method is not to repeat keywords in the backend.

  2. Excellent video for a noob Amazon seller like myself. Thanks Tom, I so appreciate your content watching here from small New Zealand. Cheers bro!

  3. Very helpful video! Thank you Tom

  4. Question, what company does your PPC?

  5. What is your opinion on the capital required for starting FBA

  6. DO you also offer weekend work shop besides the Vancouver 20 dollars workshops on weekdays? How much would those work shop be?

  7. Hi Tom, when you put the keywords in the back end, you put every keywords in even if you are selling different coaster as an example I am selling silicone coaster, do I still put the keywords like stone coaster in my back end which might not be related to my product.

  8. thx for the video, why we need to care single and plural? if we only use single in the title, amazon will still index the plural form, isnt it?

  9. Great video! Tom does your agency do listing optimization services as well?

  10. There are hundreds of FBA keyword videos online, but this was explained in such a way that almost anyone can understand.
    If you haven't already, how about a video on differentiation? I can find holes in the market, but standing out is tricky.

  11. Hey everyone! If you enjoyed the video be sure to like, share, and subscribe. Also, you can use my code here to save 15% off your order of Viral Launch.

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