Amazon & Shopify 7 SURE Tips for Dealing With Suppliers, Doing Due Diligence and Shipping From China

Amazon & Shopify 7 SURE Tips for Dealing With Suppliers, Doing Due Diligence and Shipping From China


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This video is going to be a question and answer session about sourcing in China and shipping from China. Together with my sourcing agent from China, we prepared answers to your most common questions that you might have when researching suppliers, when ordering products, shipping from China, and also doing due diligence and how to avoid getting scammed. You will find a lot of helpful tips here.

This video is rather long and might look complicated for you because this is more advanced stuff and we try to cover everything in more detail so this can be helpful for people of different levels of experience. If you find some of the information here complicated, don’t forget to take notes and maybe watch the video several times to make sure that you understand everything perfectly. If you have more questions, always don’t forget to send us an email or just to reach us and experts inside your member’s area of Sells Like Hot Cakes and we’ll always be happy to help you. Without further ado, let’s get started on our question-and-answer session. “From China, with love.”

Okay before we get started, take a look at what’s on the menu:

How do you AVOID getting SCAMMED by a supplier: I’ll break it down, streamlined to the level of your business and the quantity of products you’re ordering.

Does Alibaba offer FULL PROTECTION? Read up and find out the TRUTH!
Ok, so what is the BEST way to pay a Chinese supplier? Discover the available options, so you can pick the BEST FIT for your Business.
How to ANALYZE suppliers through their products, so that YOU can make a BETTER decision and most IMPORTANTLY avoid being SCAMMED!
Factories Vs. Trade Companies: Which is BETTER? I’ll help you analyze the Pros and Cons.
I’ll also talk EXTENSIVELY on the 3 COMMON Ways to Ship goods from China in GREAT Detail: A must READ!

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