Automatically Manage Your Shopify Inventory with Stock Sync – Video #1

Automatically Manage Your Shopify Inventory with Stock Sync – Video #1


It can be hard to manage your Shopify products and inventory if you have lots of products or different suppliers that you are getting your products from.

In this video tutorial series we go through setting up the Stock Sync Shopify app and how to use it to automatically create and manage your products in Shopify.

You can add the Stock Sync app to your store here:

Check out all the videos in this series here:

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  1. Am taking crash course but, Is it possible you can text me to show me the ropes about uploading the file? You can always reach out to me at my that’s my Snapchat link

  2. I'm as green as it gets and i think this app is what I'm looking for. i haven't started a store yet, Mainly because im trying to eliminate as many failures as possible. Vids like this are a huge help thank you

  3. Looks great. I don't understand why suppliers can't make price changing so much easier. If I want to set a price at $29.99 for all T-Shirt designs of one brand and style…. I should just be able to enter that price once and they all change at once. No, of course not, some suppliers force you to go in and change ever individual price on every single size and color combination. Are they intentionally trying to drive their customers insane? lol

  4. can you make a series on how to develop themes from scratch (for developers)? instead of Shopify documentation?

  5. Hi how you doing thanks for all your good videos could you please help me with my Shopify store ?im not making sales 😌

  6. Wow Girl!! Dayum you got some real content there. I appreciate your efforts

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