Automating Your Dropshipping Store | $1,382/Day Profit on Autopilot

Automating Your Dropshipping Store | $1,382/Day Profit on Autopilot


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Hey everyone!

In this video, I talk about how I automated a new Shopify dropshipping store to the point where it generates $1400/day in profit consistently with only 15-30 minutes of work. Specifically, I cover the three main time-consuming tasks that need to be taken care of while running a one-product dropshipping store at scale: customer service, order fulfillment, and marketing.

I start by introducing Zendesk, a powerful customer service software that allows you to stay organized and save time while replying to customer requests. Using Zendesk macros, my customer service representatives can save time replying to tickets. I also cover how to hire customer service representatives from Upwork and how you should structure your team.

Next, I talk about how I automated fulfillment for this store using a dropshipping agent with a direct connection to my store. This reduced my time spent fulfilling orders to zero and eliminates any room for error.

Lastly, I cover how I set up automated rules with RevealBot to save time optimizing my ads. I’ve started using this tool recently and have been impressed with the results. I still have much to learn about automated rules so you can expect dedicated video on that at some point in the future.

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  1. Fantastic. Very impressed how you organized and manage this.

  2. Amazing video Gabriel¡ real value on important details we need to know¡

  3. How many hours do you hire csr’s for per day

  4. Hey Gabriel, please kindly hear me my friend. i need a big support. I have a great store with many many products. i created 3 months ago but i do not have sales cos i m not good at FB advertising .I need you to do the advertising part using all FB ads strategy . I pay for FB ads, I research products and list on my site. all you have to do if fb ads and do your magical things to reach to the conversions and purchase. and i give you 30 % of the revenue that i make from each product. and that's it . i do not want any money more than that. it will all be yours. Please bro help me. I need some money for my family and future plan. please do not reject my request. You will take home lots of money at the end of the day. I can show the store , if you can give a private email or chat or what ever. I m not a scam friend. please help me .

  5. Hey, Gabriel! For how long have you been doing facebook ads and dropshipping? You seem to know a lot about it and Id like to be at your level once.
    Love your channel bro, I'm looking forward watching more videos!

  6. Awesome content Gabriel, thanks for sharing all this information. I'm just about the start in E commerce & all the information you have shared is so valuable to me. Now with your help, i should have my first store up and running within a week. Have just sent request to FB group, cant wait to absorb some more information

  7. Thank you sooo much for all your hard and effect 🙏 I really appreciate it! If you make a course on Dropshipping or print on demand. I will buy it. Or if you can coach me 1o1 I will pay. I have print on demand store. Can't figure out. No Sales yet! Need coaching

  8. amazing video bro! any way you could share the macros?

  9. definitely earned my sub, awesome content man. I really appreciate the ideas for my stores. I will definitely be applying some new methods soon.

  10. Is private labeling getting it registered trademark?

  11. what is dianxiaomi? pls answer for this Q

  12. Can you please share the template for your VA job requirement as well 🙂

  13. 10:30 I don't understand why you would have a china agent stock your products and ship them from china when people order. Aren't we supposed to be sending them to a US warehouse to send from?

  14. Do you prefer ig influencers or FB ads and why?

  15. Awesome content as always "Professor Gabriel"

  16. At what level / stage in your store you suggest switching to Dropshipping agent? When you say they stock up on your product are you purchasing that product and simply they're acting as a fulfilment solution but in China? What happens if demand drops but you don't have the stock?

  17. Hi Gabriel, How did you find which product to start with and how do you manage to only do one product and be successful? How much money does it require to get started, like the initial 30 days?

  18. I read that Shopify/PayPal holds your funds. So how one can start with a little budget if he has to pay for the orders from his pocket?

  19. Hi Gabriel my buddy thanks for all your great content !
    I have an important question
    When I have a product with a break even at 20$
    And my targeted margin is 20% margin (which is for instance obtained when I spend no more than $15
    DO I CUT the adset when the go UNTIL 0% margin (the $20) ? Or do I cut the adsets when the go just below the 20% margin point ($15) ?

    When you got tens and tens of adsets, you must know how to decide this right ?
    Thanks a lot

  20. Awesome stuff, could you do a video about how you went about and started your own brand specifically? Since having your own brand is the holy grail, and you seem to have been doing it right. Really curious how you got into picking your niche, your thoughts on which products/suppliers typically lent themselves for private labeling etc.

  21. Mannn.. your video's are GOLD

  22. Hey Gabriel beautiful content as always, I have been using oberlo for product selection but want to source directly now, can you share the contact for your sourcing agent.

  23. Gabriel, when you do dropship from China, do customers get charged customs fees?

  24. I usually don’t comment literally anything on yt, but I have to say THANK YOU for the things which you doing here. Greetings from Dubai!

  25. One question as someone who knows almost nothing about these subjects where can i find information ? Are there forums ? Are there websites , books ?

  26. Hey Gabriel just wondering do you go with the auto generated refund policy on shopify? Also how do your VA's work are they scheduled like a 9-5 or is their some sort of timer that starts when they interact with a customer

  27. Thank you for all the valuable information! Never even knew about ZenDesk or ERP before. Can’t even say how appreciative I am!

  28. Hey Gabriel, someone just purchased on my store and it says " 1 high risk order". What should i do? Should i go ahead and fulfill the order?

  29. Hey Gabriel, Thanks for sharing this amazing content ! Actually I am facing a lot of problem due to aliexpress suppliers & agents in China, The problem is that I have lots of order but don't have reliable suppliers to fulfill them in United States.

    Previous suppliers provided me fake tracking numbers, & delayed the whole process that too at this festive season when the customers want their package asap. PLEASE HELP 🙂

  30. Wow so much value here! Gabriel I have few question, I have constantly selling product , but wasn’t scaling it now prior Christmas. You don’t have complaints reg late shipment? How bog you are planing to scale this single product? Is this scaled with your LLA CBO method?

  31. Gabriel please do something on how you manage taxes and accounting. I never hear anyone dropshipping talk about this. Dropshipping is a tricky one in regards to taxes and import/export regulations.

  32. dude..u r the god of dropshipping

  33. How many hours a week do your reps usually work? How many emails an hour can you expect from a rep?

  34. What do you think about Ebay?

  35. Awesome video! When you say 1.3 K per day profit is that after ad spend? I am new and this has been a great help. Would love to see more about this. Would love to see more videos about the business aspects. What it takes on the business side. Thank you! Much appreciation.

  36. what is your refund/ return rate?

  37. Can you recommend a drop shipping agent?

  38. whats your average ad budget as a percentage of your sales, on one product ?

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