Avada ECommerce and WooCommerce Tutorial

Avada ECommerce and WooCommerce Tutorial


In this Video I will be talking about How to set up an ECommerce Website with AVADA theme. I will give you a walkthrough of simple product set up, Woo commerce options and page templates. My Website is http://idesignsmart.com/ and you can fill out my contact form for inquiries.
Hosting Coupons: http://goo.gl/b04ZFN
Avada Theme : http://1.envato.market/YY2AJ
My Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSeyabjMug8kvH2schoGi5A


  1. Hi Asad – thanks for the video. With woocommerce plugin can i accept credit card payments as well as Paypal? How do you test the checkout/payment?

  2. Asad
    i have added price filter into products widget sidebar but it is not showing on the front shop page. can you help please

  3. Hi Asad
    Thank you so much for this video, its help me a lot!

    Just one question, I have the salon item from Avada, and I would like to add a product page for shopping.
    So the question is that, can I use Avada salon theme for shop also? or must I use the shop theme? I dont have a a lot of product, just max 10…

  4. its 2018 may – still helpful – almost avoided the accent, but nice overview, clear, & informative. 🙂

  5. Hi. Can I try this avada theme on my localhost?
    If i purchase avada once. can i use this same for my another website.

  6. I have a problem!
    I have added a new page by my Avada theme call “shop” I added all my products in there and have added some features like a price filter BUT when I click on the cart it throws me back to the homepage! I don’t know what to do
    Help me pls!

  7. Hello, thanks very much for your videos, I've learned a lot with them, I would like to know if you can tell me how can I do an option for a product in order to choose different sizes?. I hope for you to answer, thanks.

  8. Hello.
    Do you know how to create the category "size" for a product ?
    I think we can only choose the quantity but not the size (S/M/XL etc etc)
    Thank you !

  9. Great video! Thank you! I'd love to see a tutorial on how to make my "categories" look good on my product page. Right now, "categories" looks pretty crappy with the Avada theme. I'm probably doing something wrong.

  10. Hello sir, if I have a brick and mortar store and want to show my products on my site but don't want to do ecommerce with this theme, but want it to look like an online store with prices but no shopping online, do I need woo commerce plug in still and just hide the cart? What advice do you have please? Thank you so much!

  11. hello friend
    I want to transfer my non-de products from one store to another? Can i do it?

  12. The most helpful video out there! Thank you!

  13. how to add payment getaway?? credit debit card

  14. Hello Asad. I am wondering if it is possible to have masonry layout (Pinterest like layout) in shop. Because all my product images are in different shape and i don't want to hard crop them. Is there any solution or workaround ? Thnx a million!!!

  15. Hi,

    Why fusion slider works on internet explorer but it does not works on firefox and opera… ?
    Please help

  16. Many thanks for helping with your tutorials. I've been working on my online store and on the shop page the products show up in 1 column with one product per row so they are one on top of the other. Could you help explaining how to make them show up in 3 columns instead (3 side by side)?

  17. Is it possible to install widgets of other services like jivosite or social networks (which not included in Avada's custom widgets) to Avada theme?
    Can I add my html codes in that theme?

  18. Hello Asad. I've followed your advice at started developing a blogging site using the recent posts fusion builder element with avada. I now want to develop a shop into the site but am having some teething difficulties. I installed all woocommerce pages successfully. However, I want a fusion builder element – like recent posts – but for recent products. Is there an element that will allow the same features for my products as my posts i.e. excluding product categories, presenting products in tables, quick links and features to product information and cart? I've tried looking around the internet and have not found anything to help me sort this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  19. Very nice tutorial. Could you please make video on how to add additional language on the website using this theme?

  20. Hello again,
    I have a few questions that a simple one i hope.
    How can I use just a simple image instead of Rev Slider Plugin?
    I really don't like any Slider plugins.

    Thank you very much, Sir.
    Thanaponth B.

  21. Hi Asad Siddiqi

    I was just wondering were are you from?

  22. Hello Mr. Asad Siddiqi,
    I'd like to tell you that I've been following all of your tutorials and I'm really getting more knowledge from you day by day. Thank you very much Sir.
    BTW, sorry my poor english

    Best regard,
    Thanaponth B.

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