Become a Shopify Expert – This changed everything in my Web Design Career

Become a Shopify Expert – This changed everything in my Web Design Career


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Learn how to become a Shopify Expert:

How to become a Shopify Expert is a question I get a lot. In this video, which was the winning video at Shopify for a Shopify Partner contest, I’m sharing how and why I work with Shopify.

Shopify asked us Partners to just use our cell phone to make a short film about why we enjoy working with Shopify and as partners. I wanted to make something better since I work with film also. This film is the result of that.

You don’t really need to work at Shopify. You can become a partner and run your own freelance Web Design business.

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  1. You can now get started right away and become a Shopify Expert. My training on Podia is now live! 🙌🏻
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  2. How do I get started as a Shopify expert ?

  3. A quick question, a fellow started the shopify site. He used the gmail account, which I did not created and he has not provided my even password. Can I change the e-mail to my paypal or another e-mail and get another 14 days trial?There is only 2 days left for the 14 days trial. This means I have to pay the hosting immediately. Other main thing is that login e-mail is Gmail which he created for my name. I do not have this e-mail or log in info. Your early reply is highly appreciated.

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