BEST Shopify Strategy For December | $1,000,000 GAME PLAN

BEST Shopify Strategy For December | $1,000,000 GAME PLAN


In this video I explain the BEST Shopify Strategy For December | $1,000,000 GAME PLAN.
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  1. Just come to the point :/

  2. how to scale successfully and not get your ad acc. block ?

  3. You mentioned in the scaling video that when increasing budget in order to not ruin the data you should always duplicate the adset then raise the budget on the duplicate. Is that what you meant? should you do this when going from $5 to $10? Would this reset adset data so it has to learn again? Thanks!

  4. When you’re selling trend products, do you just use images from AliExpress?

  5. Doing 1.3M -1.5M a month in revenue. Would love to network with you guys

  6. Fire content hayden keep dropping bro

  7. Great content as always bro I just sent you a dm on Instagram!

  8. Dude haha you don't have a 🔨 good info I'm ready to take action on this! I need to figer out my niche! I'm going to pick something and just dive in the deep end .

  9. I have a Facebook question, what do you do when Facebook automated system blocks your url? Will purchasing a new url work? Thanks for your amazing insight Hayden, I watch all of your videos, and because of you I have successfully made a few sales and still progressing!

  10. Do conversation with someone who deals with ig influencers on daily basis :))

  11. Hi Hayden, I have a business proposal to you, what's the way to reach you?

  12. great campaign and video playlist would be a "trend store" record and do it all from 0-100k BUT film the stuff all up to the point of making the money and you are "done" with the store then toss up the videos so we can see where you go right and wrong "live"

  13. Hey everyone I've been doing dropshipping for some weeks now and I made a group for young people new to dropshipping and other online business models so we can share what we've learned and minimize mistakes. if you wanna join here's the FB path: groups/339255143296532

  14. I would like to see how you would opperate if you just pretent to be broke and start with $5 a day ads with a brand new pixel .. I know it's possible and I know it's hard but I wanna know if the best E-Com Mentor on the Internet I know could make it done.. cause I'm starting from an appartment with no heaters on, no electricity (I steal some from the laundry room) and built my way up from $50 in my pocket to $100 with Influencers but I'm not even profitable with the incoming payments I need to cover for my store. Would be great if you could show whats possible there. I think it would really help me fighting my way out of this bulding.

  15. Fly Me On Your Jet to Scale My Store On Video with Safewords Because Safewords Are Important

  16. if you're spending $500~ per day on ads…what price do you suggest to set each ad set at? do you place bid caps?

  17. Im currently doing 50K a month on one of my websites. Scaling huge on facebook. Went from spending $50 a day to $1,000 right now. all profitable. HUGE potential. Ready to fly out whenever. My niche is also very intersting heavy on branding and "store" feeling. almost all sales are from facebook ads only targeting instagram.

    I know we could make a solid ass video. Can fly out ASAP

  18. Would you say it’s possible to make money by making a store now

  19. I would like to see more scaling and how to split test in depth. And with a product not as easy as a “cat necklace” or a “elephant ring” but something that’s harder to target like a glasses or a beanie or a bathroom product. Something a little more in depth please!

  20. Belive some people are using ads on your giveaway / contest. I think you should get it stopped. It's cool but it really messes up for the people with huge dreams that can't afford to win.

  21. Make shopify challenge videos!!!

  22. What do you think if star with instagram influencers?

  23. yo Hayden can we get a video on how to find and choose products (maybe with your friends too)? that's still my biggest problem

  24. A intro to retargeting and look alike video would be cool.

  25. I’ve been watching your videos for some months now. I can’t wait to buy your program.

  26. I dont usually post comments.. but I need somekind of a retargeting video or anythings that convert my pixel data… I've got good number with IG but any sales with facebook adds :'(

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