Booster Theme 2.0 for Shopify – THIS IS THE BIGGEST UPDATE WE’VE EVER MADE !!!

Booster Theme 2.0 for Shopify – THIS IS THE BIGGEST UPDATE WE’VE EVER MADE !!!


Hey guys,
The exciting news that we’ve all been waiting for is FINALLY HERE !

No more confusion between the best Shopify themes: Booster Theme, Shopify Booster and Booster Premium.

Because we value our customers the most and want you to have a wonderful experience with us.

Therefore, as of April 18th 2018, all previous versions of Booster Theme, Shopify Booster and Booster Premium will officially be retired and will be replaced by the NEW Booster 2.0.



Originally, around 2 years ago, we came up with an idea of creating a Shopify Theme that would help business owners increase their sales into their Shopify store.

At that point, Shopify Booster was created with only a progress bar and a countdown timer on the product page.

After receiving many suggestions from our customers, we added a lot more features into this Shopify Theme such as the notification pop up, discount pop up, mega menu, and a lot more.

We then, decided to create a premium version of the previous Shopify theme, which we called Booster Premium. We made a lot of new developments and added lots of new features into the theme.

We used Shopify Booster Theme as a foundation and developed the new theme over it. Which was not the best idea when we look back at it today.

We ended up having a Shopify theme with more than 500 settings and we realized that our settings were not well organized and complex to use.

It created confusion for you and us, the team of Booster, making it very hard for us to support our customers due to the number of useless settings and the number of unimaginable combinations possible when it was time to resolve an issue with the theme or an app.

To solve all these issues, we’ve decided to start again everything from the bottom.

Making a theme with the best features of both Shopify Booster and Booster Premium into one simple and effective Shopify Theme that converts even better and is easier to customize.

We by the same way redesigned the whole theme making it look more fresh and more clean by keeping at the same time the features and functionalities you bought.

We commented all the theme coding for those of you that want to implement your own customizations, install and app or tweak with the theme style.

After approximately 2 years of helping, assisting and bringing success to our community, we are proud to announce that Booster 2.0 is Finally AROUND THE CORNER !



We have an awesome reward for our loyal customers!

If you already have Booster Premium, Booster Theme or Shopify Booster, you can continue using them as normal…

Why stick to normal when you can get the Best Shopify Theme that will give you even better conversion rates?


We are working towards our goal! To give you the best customer experience EVER.

Therefore, you can expect:

Simpler settings
Faster website speed
New improved designs for better conversion rates
New features (Discount on exit, swatch, mega menu, wide mode, parallax, etc.)
Exceptional support. (7 days per week)


Don’t be alarmed, we are still committed to increasing your conversion rates while saving you money with the Most Powerful Shopify Theme EVER Made.

Turn on your notification and keep an eye on your emails to make sure you receive OUR BIGGEST UPDATE OF BOOSTER EVER MADE!

If a customer purchased Booster Theme or Booster Premium and activated the license key for example in December 2017, they will continue receiving free updates until December 2018. To continue receiving updates, customers are required to pay $79/year as an update fee.

The customers who owned Shopify Booster without a license key, will get a free license key and an upgrade to Booster 2.0 only. To continue receiving future updates of Booster versions (2.1+), customers are required to pay $79/year as an update fee.


  1. I have 2 Licences for Sale if anyone wants them… I cannot deal with their "Support" anymore….

  2. Booster Theme 2.0 for Shopify free download

  3. How will the customers who don't have the license key receive the key?

  4. Hey, if you would be unbiased when answering my quesion: do you know if there is a better converting shopify theme in the market currently besides booster theme, or is this one the ultimate? ☺️

  5. "Booster PreNium" typo at 1:19, just a friendly heads up

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