Build Shopify landing page with PageFly app 10+ minutes tutorial

Build Shopify landing page with PageFly app 10+ minutes tutorial


In this video tutorial, you’ll watch the process of building the Shopify landing page with the PageFly app. We’re going to make the landing page similar to Shopify free trial page. Step by step you’ll see the process of building each section of the landing page. 👇 Click “SHOW MORE” to read the outlines. 👇

★ ★ ★ Outlines ★ ★ ★

⚡️ Adding the Shopify logo: 00:30
⚡️ Drag and drop headings “Sell online with Shopify”: 01:00
⚡️ Add Mailchimp contact form: 02:00
⚡️ Add the image laptop: 03:00
⚡️ Add unique selling points with three block content: 04:10
⚡️ Add divider element: 06:15
⚡️Add “as seen” section: 06:30
⚡️ Add the testimonial: 07:40
⚡️ Add CTA button on the landing page: 09:00
⚡️ Save and preview the Shopify landing page built with PageFly: 10:40

The page elements we have used for building this Shopify landing page: layout, heading, image, paragraph, button, divider, icon.

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  1. Very chaotic and unclear. Instead of getting tutorial, just got annoyed and furious.

  2. Really great tutorial. I wonder if there is a way to create the wavy line underneath the image like in the Shopify page?

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