Buying A Pre-Built Shopify Store with NO SALES for more than $50 is STUPID

Buying A Pre-Built Shopify Store with NO SALES for more than $50 is STUPID


I am doing another video on Shopify Stores and drop shipping on shopify and the fact that it may be stupid to pay for a pre-made shopify store.

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  1. I mean I feel like even 50 bucks is too much because it took me like an hour to set up the whole “store” because shopify to me is at its core like a power point presentation, you just click and drop it’s no real work so it’s like wheel and deal, like you said if you understand ads then maybe you can do it but anyone can set up a store for a bunch of topics then sell it.

  2. It's not completely stupid to buy a prebuilt store. You just have to look for the right store from the right website.
    I would personally recommend because they have stores which are already earning enough money and they are selling them at around $70.

  3. You are by far the best I have seen doing this. Real.. Fucking thank god!

  4. Most of the pre-built stores always need a ton of work, before they look less shitty and have everything needed. So they do not save much time at all, because they need sorting out before you can begin to use them for selling.

  5. Marc,

    What phone do you have?

  6. the video with testing a product 5 days in a row is a great idea, can wait ! Thanks.

  7. Jesus. You'll be making fucking videos in your sleep next.

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