Clickfunnels Training #1: Clickfunnels VS Shopify For Dropshipping

Clickfunnels Training #1: Clickfunnels VS Shopify For Dropshipping


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In todays video I talk about the benefits and drawbacks of shopify vs clickfunnels when running a dropshipping store. Throughout the week I am going to show you how to run winning products on clickfunnels.

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  1. Can I start will click funnels first instead of using Shopify ?

  2. I want that pad that you're writing on! What is that?!

  3. Bro your free course I Not Available

  4. I have been in Affiliate Marketing & Ecommerce for more than a decade. I was all over the place, directionless, clueless. until one day I found out my mentor Tony Robbins recommending this book.

    It's pure knowledge delivering trial & tested ways to increase traffic, sales & conversions online

  5. Quality content, just what I've been looking for


  7. Great video again, James! So as a topic of interest to me, I would like you to share your opinion about Jarvee(or IG botting in general, but I learned Jarvee is the best). Thanks! 🙂

  8. cant wait. I have a winng product and think this is perfect.

  9. Always top value! You are the first guy I started following when I jumped into ecommerce and never dissapointed me. I should win this course!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  10. James HI. Do you maybe know the difference between CLICK FUNNELS and TRIFUNNELS? TRIFUNNELS is like an alternative and I have an option for 60 days trial.

  11. Hey James Sebastian from earlier. still need that check out discount bar

  12. Looking forward to that case study

  13. James, do you always test your products in CFs? Or do you transition to CF when you think the product is the winner?

  14. I did a ig shoutout and got 120 viewers and only 2 Sales 98 people came from India and non of the Sales came from India, is there something special I need to know about people from indians?

  15. Bro this is nice but no clue how to use it😂

  16. hey man make video on #googleadword ads for shopify

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