Comparing 6-Figure & TERRIBLE General Dropshipping Stores (Winning Shopify Designs)

Comparing 6-Figure & TERRIBLE General Dropshipping Stores (Winning Shopify Designs)


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General stores are something that you need to really do right in order to succeed, and in this video, I show you how some really good stores look, as well as how a terrible store looks. If you put in the effort to make your general store look good, you have the potential to make a ton of money.

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  1. Nice video i watch all of them and you let me the idea for me to improve it

  2. Can you look at mine and tell me how shitty it is lol. For reals though , I’m a week in to this and still adjusting daily

  3. Awsome video sir thank you for it. Best whishes in 2019

  4. Yet if you look up reviews on trendyshack on google, EVERYONE gives the store a 1 star rating and calls it a scam

  5. hey zach if you have time i'd like you to review my site. i feel it is very unique thanks to all your videos. If so please email me at

  6. How can we add that to our website? Where it doesn’t allow people to copy descriptions

  7. My products also have the sizing in seemingly random orders like M, XL, S, L. How do I change this? Thanks!

  8. Does anyone else find it just odd that this video is only 8 months old, and every single one of these sites are dead now?

  9. Non of these stores exist anymore

  10. you still can copy the reviews, tho
    just disable scripts

  11. both sites that yoy say are good has gone down

  12. That better days store website has a 31% bad rating on and there are a lot of bad reviews for that website

  13. scam you will lose a looot of money

  14. lol both of those shops you showed don't exist anymore and trendyshack has a TON of 1 star reviews of ppl saying they never got their order

  15. holy shit some people just see an opportunity to make money and then "set up a store" just copy and paste shit and except to make need to first research,have a plan and then you need to make everything unique.Then you need to test and test and test. Then you need to properly manage facebook ads and test more. Then upsell and email and discounts. People have the assumption it is easy and get easy money. It is easy only if you first put the research and work in

  16. I really like your website review and dissection. Thanks for being a cool non-spammy ecommerces YouTuber.

  17. honestly… keep doing these reviews… interesting stuff… keeps us informed faster on new trends of websites. love your content man!

  18. my man delivering excellence!!!

  19. hmm both stores are offline

  20. Having everything on sale like trendyshack does is bad though 🙂 just saying.

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