Create a Shopify Abandoned Cart Email with Mailchimp

Create a Shopify Abandoned Cart Email with Mailchimp


Over 60% of people will abandon their cart when shopping online so learn how to set up an automatic email to send out to them to remind them to finish their purchase.

This is a great way to increase your orders and it is easy and free to setup with Shopify and Mailchimp. In this video tutorial we will walk you through exactly how to set this up in Mailchimp to automatically send it out to your potential customers an hour after they abandon their cart.

Make sure you have first connected your Shopify store with Mailchimp to have this functionality. Find our step-by-step tutorial on how to connect your Shopify store and Mailchimp account here:

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  1. Your voice is so sexy! thank you for this helpful tutorial.

  2. Hello – Thank you for this clear tutorial. I've been using Shopify for over a year and I just discovered the link in their "abandoned cart" link has been broken! If I use this Mail Chimp version, should I turn off my "abandoned cart" on Shopify?

  3. Great Video! Thank you. Woody Epps Gift Shop

  4. It seems that Shopify has a standard abandoned cart email. When you set up MailChimp, does that override the shopify version?

  5. It does not work in WordPress. I do not know if the store in Worpdress is well connected with Mailchimp. I created the campaign a week ago and I tried to leave the cart and nothing … do not send the mail. Please help.

    Congratulations on the channel. Many thanks.

  6. hello,
    can you please make a video on how to do the domain authentication for mailchimp to your business email for shopify? I think its a crucial step that a lot of people, myself included, finds very intimidating and would appreciate some guidance with. Thanks in advance!

  7. How do i get their email if they just add the item to the cart and abandoned it? How will mailchimp get their email then?

  8. will this override the default abandoned cart mails shopify sends (which is shown in shopify settings)? or will there be 2 mails?

  9. Awesome content love the videos they are simple and concise.
    Just a quick one, when you set up 3 cart abandonment emails after 1 hour. 6 hours and 24 hours.
    What happens when some buys after only the 1st email before they get say the 2nd email (5 hours after adding to cart) will they still get the other 2 emails ( 1 after 6 and 24 hours)?

  10. thank you so much for your help 🙂

  11. What about the notification that is already "on" on shopify? Do we keep that on or turn it off?

  12. Thank you! How do you set up an abandoned cart email flow? How do I make sure the trigger only works when the customer still hasn't bought the item? Thanks

  13. how do you add discount

  14. So I guess there is no need for Abandonment Protector Plus App anymore !?!?!?

  15. There is No Such Thing as an Abandoned Cart on ETSY ! Shopify must change its complicated shipping and make ALL shipping costs clearly visible upfront – based on each separate item in the store. There should be no Big Surprise from shipping calculations at the end of the check-out process ! Shopify shipping is chasing customers away !

  16. What is the size of your logo?

  17. Thanks
    This response is not at you.. but at MailChimp.

    This really isn't "abandon cart"… it's truly "abandon payment".

    Funnel… 1) add to cart.. 2) proceed to checkout (email is typed in but not submitted.) 2) proceed to payment method.. at this point the eMail is recorded.

    MailChimp needs to rename this.. Abandon Payment.

  18. Hello, I noticed that Shopify has an abandoned cart notification email template in the notification area. Will mail chips email interfere with this email? Thanks

  19. Awesome tutorial! No need to spend the $5 on a abandoned cart app

  20. Wow, this was a great video! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Does this setup send emails to a previously existing abandoned cart list of emails or only new ones moving forward? Is there an automated way to send this abandoned cart email to those email addresses with abandoned carts from prior to this setup? Thanks again for the awesome tutorial!!!

  21. hey dear
    you explained every thing great
    but you did not mention where to write the email itself?

  22. thank you dear it was very helpful for me

  23. Thanks for your tutorial. I am however experiencing a problem. Having complement all the step, I am not getting the option to start sending. I notice yours came up automitically but that 's not the same with me. I'm not sure if you can help. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  24. Excellent tutorial, really helped me alot!

  25. Very useful and detailed! Liked and subscribed!

  26. Thank you. Short and sweet and simple

  27. Thank you so much, this is what I really need. keep go on and good luck

  28. Hi. i did the email identically to you however after i save it says "resolve" at the bottom next to content and will not allow me to "start sending". i have my mailchimp authenticated and its linked to my shopify site..please help? thankyou

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