Create Custom Collections Page Shopify Tutorial in 5 Minutes

Create Custom Collections Page Shopify Tutorial in 5 Minutes

25 Create a custom collections page in Shopify in 5 minutes. Create a custom page template to have multiple custom collection pages by Kevin King Pinehurst Websites.


  1. Here is a new video Tutorial to add custom collection page using the new section feature in Shopify using the Debut Theme.

  2. How can I feature 50 items on one collection page?

  3. i dont have a page.collection.liqued file what do i do?

  4. Hey, Pls delete this video, The whole shopify theme is changed now.

  5. Can I hire you to help me…

  6. The rotating arrow is very confusing when it rotates. Othetwise it's a great idea

  7. I do it but the Pictures of collection it not showing thanks please help me

  8. Hi Kevin, i followed all you're steps and it seems to work. The only thing is, all my collections are left aligned. Is there a way to center align the collections? Im using the paid Atlantic theme by pixel union

  9. Hi Kevin, I am using the minimal theme and I used the page.list-collections.liquid but could not find the section for the loop? Any suggestions

  10. how to I obtain the "page collection liquid" ?

  11. Thanks for this Kevin – I'm using the debut theme, and the list-collections.liquid is a section, not a page. Any idea how to get this to work if I want to duplicate it into it's own page?

  12. Hey Kevin, im using the theme "Simple" which doesn't have a page.collections.liquid and the bit of code used in this tutorial doesn't work with the theme "Simple" is there any way of doing this on my theme?

  13. Thanks Kevin… I was looking for this exact process for my shop. You just saved me probably a few hours of trial and error! Much appreciated!

  14. Hi, I am using SHOW TIME , and a don't have a page.collection, Could you help me?

  15. Hey there! I don't have a page.collections.liquid template so I don't have the code from your video. I tried using the link you supplied below to the page about featuring collections. It worked, but for some reason it's only showing one collection per row instead of a grid and I'm not sure how to fix it. Is there any way you can email me the specific code from your template??

  16. How we can get the code ? In my page.collection liquid, my code is only 5 lines and yours is about 25+


  17. Great tutorial! I am using new standard for my theme and by default all the collections appear with their thumbnail image on the home page. I want to make nested menus so I can organize my products better, but every time I create a new collection, it shows up on the home screen which is unappealing. I sell male and female apparel. I want to make nested menus for things like sweatpants, tank tops etc. but I cant figure out how to do it without those sub collections poping up on my home page 🙁

    Even if I made a custom page with a few collections, like you did here, I think I would still have the problem of those collections showing up on the home screen.

  18. Instead of page-collection.liquid I can find only list-collection.liquid. I am unable to find the option to edit as per your video….expecting your support to solve this issue

  19. Can i do it on Shopify Free Theme or only for Premium Theme

  20. thanks maybe you should say to people unless you know code this video wont help you

  21. I thought I found the video that was going to show me what I've been trying to do to build my website using Shopify. Then I realized I don't have the page.collections.liquid file in mine so I still can't do what I want. I don't know code so I feel like I've hit a brick wall again. I've contacted Shopfiy regarding what I'm trying to do but I've been waiting several days for a response now and I need to get my website up and running so my customers can order from it. Is there a different theme that I can use that would have this file in it because I don't know where to begin to add this to my current theme. So frustrated!

  22. Hi. Thanks. This was helpful and worked. I have been trying to crack this one out with my little knowledge of html. However, I figured out that you can use the function [page.handle], to pass the handle parameter to the code so that you avoid hard-cording the handle and duplicating the template code for every page.

  23. Hello, i havent this file( 🙁

  24. How do you create left side collection of items? Like at :25 you have different collection items on the left??

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