CustomCat Shopify Fulfillment App Tutorial

CustomCat Shopify Fulfillment App Tutorial


Learn more: | Here’s how to easily add 340+ custom printed apparel and accessory products to your Shopify store. The products include $6 t-shirts, hoodies, warm-ups, jackets, embroidered hats, phone cases, dog leashed, laptop covers, medical scrubs, towels, embroidered bags, and more.

All items are fulfilled automatically and shipped to your customer within 48 hours!

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  1. My app does not look like this. You need to update the video.

  2. Why cant you start the video like everyone us teaching something; open the app at the home page log in and then show us how to get to the members page. You assume we know how? Ive joined and I see no members page.
    The only thing that looks like members area is MyStores but when I go there it just tells me to pick a shop inwhcih im forced to keep doing.

  3. Is customcat compatible with woo commerce

  4. A scam when u delete the app the payment is not cancelled

  5. Can you please do a video on integrating with WooCommerce app or it is similar to this setup? Also will you be integrating with other platforms, ie.. Etsy? Thanks

  6. Do you have to add it to a collection?

  7. im a uk citizen and im getting error messages when i try to activate my account. Their support has no live chat, they ask to be staff members to get access to your shop to solve the issues but thats invasive. they asked me to use their address instead of mine which i think is fraudulent. its just a terrible app for none USA and Canada customers even though they claim to be able to deal with international customers. The most annoying thing is the long cancellation process. aggr nothing is easy in business

  8. I want 4 words on my products. How would I do that?

  9. Do you integrate with Amazon? or can I just integrate your products with Amazon straight from the shopify store?

  10. Can you give us an update in your experience? shipping times, quality of shirt, customer service? Why are all of these videos so limited. Seems like ur just someone whos affiliated with them trying to advertise. Since it seems no one that uploads ever responds to the comments. Seriously, why no shirt reviews on quality

  11. How do I add the app to my 2nd store, I tried through shopify but it's asking me to pay another $297.00 or $30 per month.

  12. I can't find the app. Help?

  13. man this app rocks..wanted to use printful services for my next store project but i have changed my mind will use Custom Cat..

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