Shopify Challenge (Day 1) By Alex J Crumpton

✅Shopify Store Template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZxF0_HK1W0J9cTdrzkgMRnY4f6736atj/view?usp=sharing

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed todays video! Implement as you go along in this series, my goal is to help make you all succeed as quick as possible with dropshipping!

Cheers guys & see you in the next video!


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  1. I have nearly $200 with me ..lets see how it goes!Thanks bro for the videos

  2. New subscriber here. Can't wait for the next video.

  3. Hot video man:) Thanks for helping us!

  4. $1000 in revenue or profit? Your channel is the best!!

  5. Great stuff ,if you doing a challange with a clam of just 200$ investment you are make the impossible to possible and with confidence many other don't have the courage to do a challange they just talk for the air with no proven facts.

  6. Thanks Alex question what type of AD strategy are you going to use I've tried using several starting with $5 budgets $10 budgets going straight to conversion and have failed every single time

  7. Love this series coz i wanna start dropshippig and i have only 500$ so i will take a lot of informations in this series thanks bro

  8. Very good video, keep it up hopefully day 2 comes sooner this time

  9. Are you going to test all the products on the same pixel? Or you gonna use trackify

  10. You are the real OG, thanks Alex!!!

  11. Tanks bro
    Hamza from morocco

  12. Thank you Alex! Very big value

  13. Super bro nice video easily every one can build Shopify store by watching Ur video
    One of the good mentor 😘

    Don't buy domain in Shopify its cost u 14$/year
    Go for siteground or GoDaddy it cost u 5$/year just integrate to shoppify u can save 9$

  14. We love u so much Alex 🙏🏻🙏🏻 thanks bro for is education 👏🏻👏🏻

  15. Thanks for sharing Alex!

  16. I am just curious, how u will spend it on FB ads to drive traffic

  17. Hi Alex, I want to target an specific country but I see that everyone targets the big 4. I am from Spain and I wanted to drive traffic here but obviously the USA is a bigger market and people buy more often. Can you give me your opinion please… This is a big doubt that I have and it's killing me…
    Great content as always, thanks for sharing!

  18. Awesome content like always, can't wait for the rest

  19. Thanks Alex, though i was late to view but always you are awesome. This course will help sooo much….After this on my way to launching my store. Thanks again.

  20. when is the next vedio coming

  21. Common man dont sell the info at the end of the series like the last time…. not all the people have that money to spend in your course like you can sell private classes or some

  22. nice !! well be looking how it goes with this challenge!! if you succeed at this, it may be the next viral video mate at least for drop shippers hh

  23. Just can't wait for the next video already! Ready to get my store up and running. Great content by the way.

  24. Omg your hair looks great!

  25. Great Video, Alex. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to see next episode 😉

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