Dropshipping The eBay Way *Not Shopify* Dropship to Ebay For Passive Income (2018 / 2019)

Dropshipping The eBay Way *Not Shopify* Dropship to Ebay For Passive Income (2018 / 2019)


Dropshipping to eBay (No Shopify Needed) Passive Income For 2018 & 2019. People Think You Can Only Dropship to Shopify, Well That’s Completely Untrue. In This Video I’ll Give You Multiple Ways To Drop Ship All Over The Place – This Is Going To Be A Dropshippers Dream!

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  1. Hello World! why not create Whatsapp group where we can share ideas

  2. Hi, thanks for the very informative video. I have two questions, how do you deal with the time delay from china (shipping), also, i've been on AliExpress, but I can't find items with good margins.

  3. Do you need to ship all products to your house before shipping them on to the buyer (to take better photos than Ali Express)? Doesn't drop shipping mean to have the supplier ship directly to your buyer? Thank you.

  4. First time seeing your channel. Lots of amazing info, thank you soooo much, just what I was looking for, and a plus+++ that you're funny too. Thanks again, will def be back for more every saturday.

  5. Thought the cat in the video had a better hairdo 😎🤣😂😎

  6. Great Content.👍
    Superb Editting.👍
    Useful Information👍

  7. Bill – love the vids. How do you deal with the long shipping times on drop shipped items? Isn't everyone used to 2-day shipping and do they really wait 14-20 days for their purchase to arrive?

  8. Hi Bill, Can you guide me to setup shipping policy on ebay?

  9. Great video!!! I am here because I want to have a business!! Thank you!!!

  10. Hi Bill Stenzel. I want to start in this Dropshipping business, but I am from Argentina. Can I do that from my country, any advice? Thank you.

  11. have you had any scams ?

  12. by the time ebay deducts and paypal detuccts and uncle sam deducts plus you pay to ship the item you are you left with nothing

  13. Literally the video I've been waiting for, thank you !

  14. thank you so much for all your info….finally something legit, fun and useful

  15. Hey Bill, could you make a video about these network marketing companies? There has been a random jump in that, its described as passive income. Amazing video as always. Like and subscribed

  16. I’m 18 with no experience with drop shipping could you help me out with going into deeper detail on email?

  17. I know this isn’t relevant to the video but should I be worried about tax laws when I’m selling on amazon? I’ve never done taxes so it’s kind of going over my head when it comes to selling as a professional vs individual

  18. Question, when the account on ebay is created what would you recommend as a username? Should I go with my name or with something more akin to a store name?

  19. I got hit with that exact ad 😂😂 perfect mate

  20. I like you too man, I appreciate you providing all this information to help us out

  21. Bill trolling does pay off, your channel is growing day by day. Keep it up you might be president one day, after all we have a guy that use to be an internet troll like you as the President now.

  22. Bill, that means i have to wait until next Sat to see the next video ? 🙂 Anyway, this is what it turned me off regarding ebay-dropping

  23. Hello Bill! thank you for your Energy!…..Great Videos!

  24. You should take cough syrop called alsyropex 😛

  25. Another great and very informative video. Special thanks for the clip of the doggy with the laptop – best laugh I had all day – especially since my crazy brain put your hair on top of the dog's head. LOL! Off to eBay and Aliexpress, I go. Thank you, Bill! ;-))

  26. Hello everyone. I have a belly button

  27. " I don't know if you go any lower than walmart " ….dollar tree mr.stenzel lol

  28. Before I get too far into the video… DUDE!! Were you up at 4:00 in the morning to post this video?

  29. Bill can I get extra credit?

  30. Awesome video Bill, I'm still shaki'n in excitement or maybe to much coffee, but I love the vid, straight to the point, super easy, got it. All the new people, please join our group as we are kinda like Bill's students since he is really a teacher. BILL puts out videos every Saturday like clock work and the info he gives you is Totally FREE…… FREE. Okay, join us and don't get scammed by the other nefarious channels out there. Welcome to the wild ride called Bill Stenzel's passive income.

  31. Nice Bill, makes you wonder wonder how many other ways to make easy money. Bryan is making money this way also. I'm going to start doing this next week because I've already done well with arbitrage might as well bump my worth a little more.

  32. I wore the Flashing shoes to the Starwars movie and did the Dance up front and was Arrested. WTF ?

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