Easiest Way To Find Shopify High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers!

Easiest Way To Find Shopify High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers!



There’s a couple of things you need to look for when you start searching for a high ticket drop shipping supplier for your new high ticket shopify store. This is the easiest way to sort and find suppliers very quickly.


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  1. What r the chrome extensions your using to see the avg CPC, keywords, ect

  2. just wondering how are you doing with google shopping?

  3. What do we say after we contact them to make ourselves seem more reputable? I doubt they let everyone who calls them drop ship their products.

  4. Good stuff bro. About how much money you need to start dropshipping high ticket products?

  5. Hi,great info. At the begining of video you have on the right hand side displayed Google data like keywords and other search terms, is that an app or?

  6. Um… Yo this was super helpful.

  7. Awesome man! Solid content my African brother.

  8. Exciting news! My high ticket dropshipping course is now OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT & it’s still at the early bird pricing of $97! (Coupon Link Expires Soon!)
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  9. if the ssupplier is enforcing policy, then how can we give competitive pricing on google shopping??

  10. Really great and informative video! Thanks! Do you basically just forward the amount once the customer pays and keep the difference without paying outta your pocket? I know most people who start drop shipping usually have to cover cost upfront due to PayPal holding the money but since these companies allow you to sell for them, how does the process work without you putting any money up?

  11. How do you see the volume? What do you use for that?

  12. I'm thinking of starting a high ticket music supply store using my buddy's band name. We are planning on working together to promote his music while I handle the business end of things. We also are planning on creating content on all social media platforms. I am going to see if I can find suppliers for high ticket music related products (microphones, guitars, amps, etc…). Btw, Ebenezer please make more videos, you've been gone for too long!

  13. Good to see a fellow Ghanaian brother on the grind!

  14. Great video, one question… how do you import the product to your store?

  15. Great, Great, Great, Sir, I have learned a lot. Thanks so Much.

  16. Aren't you just Awesome Man.. Thanks a lot Brother.. Lott of New things to learn.. Way to go!!

  17. This video is awesome, thanks bro

  18. Helloo! Thanks for all the kick ass content! I have my Shopify store a step away to start setting up google shopping campaign. I have one main question for you that id love to get some insight on before jumping in.

    For products bet $25-$50 retail, should we aim to offer the cheapest price from the stores that come up in the first group?

  19. Thanks a lot for the content Ebenezer 👍🏽 I DM'd you on instagram

  20. Best Video on dropshipping ever!! 🙂

  21. THANKS a lot man. What's your experience doing high ticket on Adwords (text ads)? Just starting out there and don't want to jump around to learning something new yet

  22. Do these guys have requirements such as a business license and minimum sales per month? How can beginners get past this hurdle?

  23. Another great one! Thank Eb!!!

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