Examples of General Stores for Shopify

Examples of General Stores for Shopify


* https://nova-stuff.com/
* https://www.nextdealshop.com/
* https://flawlessvalue.com/
* https://www.ramadeals.com/

These 4 stores are in the top 300 Shopify Stores by traffic

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  1. Im someone with a general store and to be honest i didnt like any of the examples lol so if they can do it than so can you!

  2. Do you have Any contact info??

  3. this general seem to have a slight niche aspect to it, whats that about

  4. The free pay for shipping @ $2 isn’t making money – I think they are settling for conversion rates and traffic to the store. No room for any profit. If someone buys a bunch and charges back on their credit card this is a considerable risk. Thanks for showing us this information. What are your thoughts?

  5. Hey there… I'm having trouble with this site. I entered the code, but nowhere does it have "other sites"..???
    Don't need to register first, or can I access the info regardless? Thank you!

  6. Thank you SO much. I was looking for EXACTLY this.

    I'm about to start a general store, but didnt what theme/layout/product categories were good to put together.

  7. Can you please post a link to the website that ranks the shopify stores please, Thanks!

  8. how do you market a general store?

  9. hello ,thanks for all the informations you shared with as …. i have a question ,, theres a section of (Not Working Websites on IP) …. is that mean that those stores are not working anymore …. so the product their killed by the provider ???

  10. Would you start with a general store?

  11. just what i needed, thanks

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