Facebook Ad Apocalypse 2019 – The Truth Revealed – Mistakes To Avoid To Be SUCCESSFUL!

Facebook Ad Apocalypse 2019 – The Truth Revealed – Mistakes To Avoid To Be SUCCESSFUL!


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Today I am going to be having an in-depth discussion about the issues I have been having, and many other’s have been encountering too. Ecommerce is not an easy space to be in like many proclaim it to be, it is like any business and takes a lot of hard work, devotion, time, consistency and desire to become a business.

I am going to be talking about my recent experience with Facebook so you can avoid them in 2019 and beyond because from what I see it is going to be a big factor into your success whether you like to admit it or not.

Now that dropshipping has become so popular across the world we now have unforeseen problems we didn’t just last year even. How we operate needs to change with it otherwise we are going to risk failure, whether it is now or in the near future.

I see it coming down to a few important key points:
1 – Facebook doesn’t like dropshipping as a model on its platform much anymore
2 – Facebook is tired of getting negativity from customers who have been scammed/burned from people not taking this seriously
3 – Payment processors are going to become even more strict on their acceptance of people who use their software to accept payments
4 – Competition will continue to rise as other’s promote this as a ‘easy’ or ‘get rich quick’ model which will drive up our individual costs to acquire customers
5 – Tax tariffs and government laws being introduced to further mandate ‘side-hustles’ to stop people from not declaring their income streams properly

So I am going to be teaching you what you need to expect. I too have been burned many times from many different areas, and can tell you this is 100% real. This is very important to me to tell you because it seems to be a ‘taboo’ topic in this industry to dare talk about your business is 100% contingent on Fa

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  1. did you get your account back? mine was just turn off by fb because i used a nick name a hamburger as my personal profile ppic… lost my ad account etc because of it. pretty fckin annoying… took awhile to get it set up and ads werre doing good. then boom… got a message to upload a clear pic etc to review… its now day 2 and no word wtf?!
    anyone else have this problem now or in the past and did you get your personal and business manger back? how loing did it take? ive heard i can take 2 months sometime… like i can wait this long.

  2. The reason why many don't use google ads is that it's sometimes impossible to get it working. If you think FB ads are complicated, good luck trying google ads. They have zero support, no explanations only brief information. You need like 5-6 different google apps/accounts and link these together. Then if you have an issue and you fix the problem its gonna take 2-3 days before Google registers the change and the error goes away. I have never been so frustrated with a service in my life. Either it's gonna work from the start or you are gonna go mad. You are totally on your own, the only support you have is asking third party dev's (if you buy their app) or googling the problem hoping to find a decent answer to your issue. Whyyy.. you are the richest company in the world and you can't afford to answer basic customer questions? It might be profitable to use but I'm not supporting this madness.

  3. Thanks for the insight, Ricky. I purchased your Udemy course few months ago, any plans on updating it?

  4. I'm glad to have came across this video. Was thinking of starting but now, not so sure with FB acting out by suspending accounts. Might just hold off for a few months until the smoke clears and see the direction in which FB is headed. Thank you again for this content you may have just saved me a few grand.

  5. Great genuine video man , watched it all
    Keep crushing it !!

  6. OHH I'm not alone I had this huge campaign that I wanted to run, I was so excited to get it done and get to the fun part which for me is managing ads, little did I know that Facebook won't allow that to be the fun part of this business anymore Created my ads as I always do 2 hours later ads are disapproved and I get bombarded with 99+ notifications from Facebook on how my ads don't comply with their policies….. So I appeal my ads and they actually get approved I'm like ok minor set back but am fine they are approved now they were approved but didn't spend any of the budgets I gave it to spend, I double checked everything then I notice Facebook unpublished my page which is why my ads weren't spending anything that's where my mental went boom, I lashed out on the support but as you said they are useless a waste of salaries if you ask me, long story short I appealed my page it got published an hour later I get a message saying my ad account got suspended.

  7. Super Video ..and great value ..Mate .. Yesterday I launched a product targeting Home improvement, DIY etc (9.5 million audience size) but the CPM is at $156 (Yes One Hundred and Fifty six). Any insights what could be the reason? Tnx in advance Mate !!

  8. CRUSH IT and thank you for being sincere and sharing your honest opinion. Would love to see more Google Ads videos please 🙂

  9. Thank you.for the honesty. Great content.

  10. Ricky, I liked yours and Tanner Planes thoughts on the "Apocalypse".. thank you!

  11. Went from 40 to 0 yesterday😅

  12. Ricky, I enjoy your video. This video really makes me understand the reality in Ecommerce. Yes, FB ads ripped me off since the very first day. Yes, Shares is one of the way to get passive income for over the years. I hope that you can find the right share at the right time, hopefully profitable. Good luck with that. Cheeeerssss

  13. ricky im testing with CBO, do you test with cbo's?

  14. note to self, dont change domains while running ads

  15. you seem to talk with your heart 🙂

  16. Awesome vid Ricky! Still telling it like it is… Thanks mate.

  17. I appreciate your sincerity, I always see your videos and thank you very much for sharing not only your success but also the problems and difficulties, since the vast majority of business youtubers do not do this. Thank you.

  18. This was very enlightening, thanks for your honesty…

  19. Can you please make more video's about shares?

  20. Why are you whispering

  21. Always legit content keep it coming ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  22. I think this also applies to google I was early fucked but I had a backup from a year ago only am doing google now because of that.

  23. Ok so long question but plz keep track if you can mate.

    So my aliexpress supplier disappeared so I had the change the shit in oberlo by overriding the products. So I did that and I didn't realize it would override the product variants, so it changed the variants and shit. Bad news my google shopping app thought they were new products, so it resubmitted them to google merchant as if they r new products. I'm worried that it will lose my two months of data for my two winners. So I made the ski the same as the old on and shut, but I'm still worried even thought the group ID sku and all shit is the same and shit. If you know how I could fix this so I don't lose my data plz help. I'll see if I can win the contest so we can get on a call so. I'll say that I am still CRUSH IT

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