FACEBOOK ADS FOR BEGINNERS – PART 1 (Shopify Dropshipping)

FACEBOOK ADS FOR BEGINNERS – PART 1 (Shopify Dropshipping)


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**We have partnered with shopify for the deal above** **We have partnered with shopify for the deal below**

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  1. Bro did you really do 270k? Haha that’s impressive man

  2. James tell us how to make easiest way videos?

  3. Hey what's the software you use for duplicating ads. Did you say it was called "trust ad"??? Or was it adchill

  4. James nice video!! Do you use instagram influencer first and after you habe a top product you do the fb ad?
    neculceaedy@icloud.com (for the PayPal contest)

  5. hey man, do you use instagram for testing first than scale to facebook?

  6. Hmm I see.. Great value James! Quick question, if you're using video ads do you have to use a CTA button? I heard that you get better quality traffic from ad copy link clicks than CTA buttons, but since they're watching a video will they still be able to click the ad copy link?

  7. Is the PayPal thing over?

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