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  1. 🚀Want to take your eCom business to the NEXT LEVEL? Check my monthly mentorship program 🚀

  2. My favorite movie is raid redemption

  3. Hey Adil, thanks for all of the valuable contents, regarding "Shopgenius"I checked the website: now there's two offers one is for 49 and the other one is $99 while your affiliate link which I'm going to use it anyway, it's for $39, which one is your affiliate offer? The $99 one or the $49 one? Cheers man

  4. My favorite movie is "ساعة في الجحيم "
    تحياتي من المغرب راك حاضر ابا عادل

  5. Disappointed!!! It's a money waste and up above it's a time waste tool, this tool has nothing to do with dropshipping, the majority of ads are not dropshipping stores, they are brand stores … only very few of them are dropshipping stores . very few results in general and similar results all the time … I even got the same results here in this video though I got it yesterday … and don't tell me try to do that or this … I've tried everything and completely convinced that "it's completely useless"
    Flying Start Online…Adil is that how you treat your subscribers!!? I just have lost these $39!!
    I sent them a refund request although I doubt they will respond!

    I don't think someone who earn 100k$ per month can promote bad product only for little amount of money..
    you've lost my trust,

  6. 'My best friend's girl'))

  7. great video ,my favourite movie is : MAD MAX ( fury road ) , no words to describe this film apart of CRAAAZY
    and did u know that it didn't cost a lot of money to make it

  8. Fave Movie is Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back 🙂 btw do u recommend using Dropship Spy, Pexda or EcomHunt?

  9. the movies that scares me more than paypal holding and fb ban are : the hills have eyes and wrong turn , I don't know if u like scaring movies but those two are freaking me out !!!!

    Ps : bro did summer come too early ? 'cause the tool you gave is HOOOOOOOOOT

  10. My best movie is """"""""""""THE WOLF OF WALL STREET""""""""" !!!!!!!!!! PICK MEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE YOU <3

  11. Thank you for the great video, i just bought shopgenius and it's an amazing tool! My favourite movie is : The wolf of wall street

  12. mY fave movie is san andreas , I really advise to u if ur a fan of the rocccck , btw nice vide like always

  13. my favourite movie is THE REVENANT , I imagine myself strugling with ecom like the revenant , actually it's an inspiration bro

  14. Mi mejor filme es La soga

  15. Thanks Adil for all you do for us… Favourite movie is Angel wars

  16. The Accouintant. Can you please tell me what 'ad seen 6 times over 153 days' for an ad that got thousands of clicks means? Thank you.

  17. Hello, what do you think about https://pexda.com ?

  18. Harry Potter series is easily my favorite and everyone's too y'all just don't know it.

  19. Your videos are always wicked boi. One of my Fav Movie: Scent of a Woman

  20. Favourite movie is Borat and Fight Club as well ))

  21. I JUSTBOUGHT SHOP GENIUS! It's actually amazing what it does! I can't believe we also got $100 off this is a legit steal. Anyway favourite movie is Black Panther

  22. When I went to register ShopGenius it said $129/Month.

  23. Suuuuper adil ever tnx man .
    Jiiiiiib l3w wla k7z bnadm mayfhm walo akhay.
    my favorite movie is SHOOTER .

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