[Free Course] E commerce $119,198.48 in 1 Week Shopify Case Study

[Free Course] E commerce $119,198.48 in 1 Week Shopify Case Study


In this case study, I take you through my e commerce latest launch, I did not personally dropship as I see this being very hot throughout the Shopify community.

But I breakdown the actual strategy I used to launch my new Shopify store toward over 100k in 1 week.

This is a free online course that you can watch inside of this youtube playlist:

I explain different opportunity right now inside of the e-commerce space and show you my online marketing tactics that worked for me.

I also cover other advertising strategies like Facebook ads in other case studies in this free course. So make sure to watch the next one if you are done.

Thank you for watching, I will see you inside the next video:


  1. Storytelling :D, tell me if you are interested for more. Next video in the free course playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv4PEiyAzrY&list=PLVIh23zrTGZdxPtaJ7xXk0VuWcUd4DefX&index=2

  2. Storytelling… what is it all about?

  3. Your stock image at 16:08 is a map of electronic and new age music artists.

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