From $500 to $1.7 Million in Sales with Shopify Dropshipping Webinar How to start a Shopify Store

From $500 to $1.7 Million in Sales with Shopify Dropshipping Webinar How to start a Shopify Store


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This is a Live Webinar Replay! In the webinar I take you through the 3 steps to building a successful shopify store from scratch… **We have partnered with shopify for the deal below**


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  2. Hi James. Been catching up with your videos over last few weeks. I Just have a question…when you get an order for your product and you buy from your supplier…who is Paying the shipping costs? Thanks pal

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  4. For the whole video you were talking about not having money to start your business and now you are asking $5000 for the masterclasses to start the business, where is the logic?

  5. It makes me about a week to create a website. It sucks because I can be using the free 14 days to see if my nitch works

  6. James can I add you on Facebook and ask you a question please? I just need your advise on how my store looks and get some feedback from you please?

  7. Fake Profit And Screenshots

  8. Hey James, great content as always. Should definitely have a meet-up group in Ireland sometime 🙂

  9. Hi James Beattie, i am Dennis from China , we are professional drop shipper and specialized in this line over 5 years, for this message we wanna cooperate with you . We will pay u commissions for you if you can introduce us to your fans ! If you have interest, please contact me by email :

  10. Oh. Someone ripped your video on Tricks LnTV channel

  11. Would this work with higher priced items like cameras , drones, mopeds, etc? Like find a drop shipped and mark up 100 or 200 for profits per item?

  12. Hey James I can see your stores are in GBP….I am also in uk I was wondering does using gbp to worldwide audience affect conversions

  13. how does one pay for orders that people place? what if you get 1000 orders a day, how do you pay for it?

  14. Anyone could Photoshop screenshots and put in any $$ numbers. Lol it's a joke!!!

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