How 1 Girl Makes Almost $1000 A Day On Shopify Without Ads

How 1 Girl Makes Almost $1000 A Day On Shopify Without Ads


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***Updated for 2019***

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In this video, I break down the steps you should take if you want to make $100 a day or more online selling t-shirts without spending money up front on inventory and without spending money on ads. As a matter of fact, if you use Teespring you don’t even need a website to make this model work.

In my opinion, the best way to use this method is by setting up a Shopify store and drop shipping the t-shirts using a print on demand solution like Printful. However, as long as you are incorporating the Facebook Pixel and collecting your emails after the sale, Teespring will be fine as well.


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  3. She is in no way near making $1,000 a day doing that.

  4. Does print on demand work with my own designs? If so how and what's the best way?

  5. Hi, can you help me. Any suggestion for my clothing site

  6. Tshirt design club is not accepting new members anymore, is there any solution ?

  7. When you use POD services, can you get a sample of the work first?

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  10. 10x for the video. Im interesting about selling T-shirt, Hoodies, Shopify, Teespring. I was wondering if some people buy my T-shirt, who will send them their clothes me or Shopify?

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  12. The girl got one day a sale of 1090 dolars with 21 orders… How much does she was selling the shirts? O.o

  13. Thank you for the video it has given me some clarity about what to do. I have subscribed and looking for more notifications. Thanks again. Debi

  14. If you use these programs do you still have a warehouse and how do you manage that?

  15. What a boring video. might be educative one but why you youtubers make too lengthy and annoying videos ?

  16. Hi, Thank you, bro. Your tutorials are helpful.

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  19. Thanks for your wonderful and in detail video info. I'm looking to start my shopify store soon. And thanks to your videos I'm able to take the initiative to open my first shopify store next week or possibly this weekend. Thanks again for your time which is valuable and for your help.

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  23. Oh god Shopify is super easy and super hard at the same time

  24. You can do more good by being good than any other way. John Wooden

  25. The mockups are from PlaceIt by Envato

  26. Get to the point clearer and quicker , to much talk

  27. The only thing I want you to show me is that YOU did this and YOU made a profit. Other than that, the business model is to make a YouTube video about someone that did something you can't do.

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  32. $15-$20 off fiver is almost never including the license to sell commercially. Add another $30 – $50 for most designers per design. This is usually for only one product. For example, you'll need to buy another license to sell a mug or tank top. Be careful selling designs without a license.

  33. Awesome Content! Thank You!!

  34. Thanks for this video, some great tips here. I subd..Do you know of any way that actually works in 2019, to upload/post to Instagram from a PC, instead of messing around with tiny phone screens & getting images on to them to then upload?

  35. Thank you…very helpful.

  36. Oh thank you for this info
    I will listen to it over again ..
    Courage is building to step out and do this
    Just wondering how to copyright my own designs…any info on this would be welcomed
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  37. Great, great information. Im new to the game but this doesn't seem too hard at all. And believe me, I have watched lots and lots of videos. This one was delivered very well. It's easy to understand, and he seems so genuine in wanting to help others without subtly asking for a fee. Thank you so much for the information. Please keep trying to help us to start making sales and increasing our knowledge on the POD business. πŸ™‚

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  44. Hello Madcam, I was wondering what had you meant about 1k$. Had it been clear money in your pocket or 1k$ with cost of production of tshirts and so on? πŸ™‚ Thanks

  45. Well, you just inspired me to be free like you. i have been wondering about a t-shirt business. No idea how to start one, where to start, or who to listen to. I definitely want to work anywhere in the world and be location free.

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