How I Find Winning Products for my Shopify Dropshipping Store Product Research

How I Find Winning Products for my Shopify Dropshipping Store Product Research


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  1. The reason for the .99 at the end of the price is because consumers think that it is cheaper. If you were to round it up to the next dollar they would think it is to expensive. Example say you see that same sports bra for 24.99, you think to yourself hmm I could that, but the moment you see 25 dollars it is to expensive. It is a psychological thing. I am in the same boat as you I don't understand why it works but it does. I figured I would give you the why… I have worked in retail for quite a bit as for whether I am creditable.

  2. Hi. at 16:16, why would the 2.9% based on the profit amount and not the total price? I assumed Shopify wouldn't know your cost and just take the 2.9% out from the cart order. Thank you for your valuable information.

  3. Thank you this is very valuable

  4. Awesome content. Adding items to my first shopify store tomorrow.

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