How I Made my First Sale on Shopify Dropshipping in 7 Days!

How I Made my First Sale on Shopify Dropshipping in 7 Days!


Basically a video documenting how I made my first sale on shopify dropshipping. This is a progress report video 🙂
Hope it inspires you in someway!
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  1. It's been a week since I opened my shopify store only had 3 conversation out of 1500 please check my website out

  2. Great pls go on and achieve big man, good videos

  3. Wowww am motivated with your move into starting your online store…planning on doing same over here…before the year runs following..i think you should focus on ads and influencers + certain days for giveaway (tagging friends)..thanks and success

  4. Wow man! You are great! I found your channel through your website making video! And You have a new subscriber!!! Looking forward to more such great content!!!!! ❤️❤️

  5. Can I use wordpress website for Shopify?

  6. Great project waiting to see it work; thanks hogan for all your videos.

  7. i am also trying to make a video for youtube can you please guid me

  8. how to create shopify store how ?

  9. Really honest and detailed info. I appreciate you take time to make such good content, even while you are obviously very busy right now. Thanks Hogan!

  10. Hey Hogan! What program did you use to make those ads? They look great (a tutorial on that would be very interesting).

  11. Keep it up Bro. But mostly poeple star with a general store to test their products and see what can work out. Have you think of that

  12. Crushing it bro! How exciting to make your first sale! That's a dream of mine. What are your favorite resources so far to learn about e-commerce dropshiiping etc? Also! I have a friend who is a digital Marketer for Adobe and is very knowledgable…he says that alot of companies do way too much Social Media marketing and not enough email marketing. Just a thought. Thanks for documenting the process Hogan. Let me know If I can help.

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