How I Made Over $600 PROFIT in 1 Day Amazon Dropshipping | Start Selling on Amazon in 2019

How I Made Over $600 PROFIT in 1 Day Amazon Dropshipping | Start Selling on Amazon in 2019


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In this video, I break down the exact techniques that I used to hit over $600 in profit in one day last month.

The best part is I did the majority of this profit on the front end and it was only 19 orders.

The key is selling high ticket and high-profit items to ensure you more money and less work.

This method is soooo much better than Low-Profit High Volume sales of Walmart onto Amazon, and I teach you all about it in this video.
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  1. What is the most money you have made in one day with Dropshipping!? Let me know in the comments.

  2. I have a question. What if I had a Shopify storefront, and I sourced my products from Amazon? For example: someone places an order on my Shopify store, then I go to Amazon and find the product and have it shipped to my customer’s house. Am I able to do this; does it violate any terms of service?

    If it does, then what is a good alternative to what I am trying to accomplish? I am trying to stick with selling products already in the U.S.

    Thanks in advance

  3. I would love to get the spreadsheet.

  4. Very clear cut video. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am in Europe and considering joining the DS industry. I am keen on the spreadsheet if you still have it on offer πŸ™‚ Question: how do you select which item is trending?

  5. Awesome bro! πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘ first time listening.. look forward to seeing your other content! Great value & intent πŸ‘Š

  6. This is really helpful. Im a newly single mother with 3 kids and i despertly need a way to make enough to take care of us from home.

  7. YES! Spread sheet!
    You still amaze me at your exponential learning curve,,I am slow much slower, but hope to stay in this biz for the long haul. I have various spreadsheets, but yours has the CC to further detail the transaction. Can you explain the first line item,, I keep coming up with $132.11 as your profit..and thats with you paying the shipping. 386.77 minus 205.99 minus 51.76 = 129.02 plus 3.09 = $132.11 profit…..(is the 58.02 +- fees?)

  8. i thought dropshipping on amazon wasn't allowed?

  9. How much are you gonna charge for the amazon course?

  10. Great insight Tom, appreciate the constant value you work to provide.

  11. Do most of your suppliers contain a receipt (with the price you paid) in the customer’s box

  12. What is your average per day profit on Amazon?

  13. Do you have course for amazon drop-shipping?

  14. Another informative video! I'd like your spreadsheet, much appreciated.

  15. I'd love to get the spreadsheet! I use the open source based "Open Office!"

  16. nice vid , your spreadsheet would be appreciated

  17. I do want that spreadsheet.

  18. Thank you, Tom !! I do want that spreadsheet.

  19. I need the spreadsheet…..

  20. Amazon is where it's at. Large $$$

  21. $500 on Amazon, $150 front profit, the rest were back end cashback profit

  22. I made $145 profit in a day with eBay but I will start Amazon, I already sent my verification documents

  23. I want this spreadsheet =D

  24. Hello Tom. I’m saving up for your EBay dropshipping course but you did say in the video you’re coming out with a future amazon course. Do you have an idea when you’re dropping that course or how much it will cost? Big time supporter love the vids bro!

  25. Great video as usual, my amazon is really suffering while i have been working on ebay. could use all the tips you can share. I want it the spreadsheet. I modified the one from the ebay course.

  26. I would like this spreadsheet

  27. Its surprising that there's actually much less Amazon Dropshippers vs eBay Dropshippers and yet, there is far more traffic on Amazon than eBay πŸ˜‚

  28. Making big profits is amazing…I made 150 dollars in 1 day

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