How I Plan On Scaling Shopify Dropshipping To $100k/Month (game plan)

How I Plan On Scaling Shopify Dropshipping To $100k/Month (game plan)


I am really pushing to make 100k/month with dropshipping inside of the next few months. It’s 100% doable and I want to hold myself to that goal. Let’s crush it!!!

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  1. What does this 68m a year man do for his leaving

  2. What do you mean you just closed a client? He one that makes 68 million a month?

  3. is it still mandatory for every newbie to use strictly a credit card to start their new shopify store?

  4. 0:40 , Whos this particular cliet thats making 68M/Month?
    And what Exactly does he do?

  5. Hey man! Thanks so much for the great content. I do have 2 questiosn!

    1) When building your pixel info with F+S, do you keep on rotating until you find a winner product (what if you have many items that sale well?)? The reason why I am asking is because as I keep on recollecting data, I want to know if this will affect my pixel only wanting to get customers that buy F+S.

    2) Lets say all of your Instagram sales are F+S. When you build your look a like audience, do you continue to sale F+S?

  6. are you already rich im so confused

  7. Man im so happy for you all, im looking for the courses that you learned working on my first store but im having trouble with the niches..can you please send me towards the direction of financial freedom.

  8. Hayden, what course/courses do you recommend for a beginner? Also awesome content lately keep it up!

  9. what course to learn Facebook ads would you recommend?

  10. Hey Hayden great job on the videos! They are super helpful. Im new to dropshipping, well no even new…research stages. How do you ensure your ali express supplier doesn't include their business info in the product that's being shipped out?

  11. At what point do you suggest moving from solely Instagram influencers and using LLAs on facebook ads? I've seen a recent rise in competition on the Instagram pages I have used for a both an have over 300 emails. Is it time to drop Instagram (currently a negative ROI) influencers and move to LLAs?

  12. hey brother, first of all i love your videos. i was just wondering when looking for products on aliexpress and they have a sale where the item costs .50 cents less for 24 hours or whatever. i noticed in most videos (not just yours) that everyone goes on the sale price and not the real price. my question is, is it just a scam to make people think they have saved money or after that time wil it go back to the original price?

  13. Blah blah show us results stop talking bullshit
    , game plan video..

  14. Hayden, I keep commenting on your vids but I'm so pumped. A few days ago I made over $700 in sales and I started 2 weeks ago. I'm soo thankful for your channel man. I actually just uploaded a video about it. you should check it out;)

    Goodluck everyone!

  15. Man you fuck with kodak and you are an entrepreneur. 🙌🏻

  16. Amazing content bro. How can I connect with you?

  17. Hayden, what are the website links to some of your stores?

  18. Would you make a step by step series on making a profitable store? Containing all the info needed?
    That would be a cool series

  19. Good luck man. I'm doing $100k profit per month on each of my 4 shoplift stores and the other 3 of my shoplift stirs are hitting $25k to $67k per month. and the best part is, I barley do any work except for ads and products. It's fully automated by virtual assistant

  20. Should I have different suppliers/sellers or should I use one supplier/seller because if I use multiple suppliers how do I get all the orders shipped together if a customer buys multiple products

  21. is it $100k in profits ? love the video, its true about the people you hang around.

  22. Hi
    I want to start a dropshipping business and I found a site buy a hot producte not alixpers or alibab …but he buy only 10
    Quantity but he put this i didn't got it
    (Please do not contact under any circumstances the wholesale representative for web order inquiries)
    what to do ?

  23. You started with affiliate marketing right?:)

  24. You're my favorite business channel right now, very inspiring man. I'd like to see a bit more of your daily life because it seems like you don't go to school at the moment and travel a decent amount – those are interesting topics I'd like to see more of alongside the business videos. Keep it up, man!

  25. Been looking up eCom industry for the past few weeks, also subed to ur channel from the get go… Gotta say, you're in top of all the channels that I'm following right now, you just give too much value for the other channels to keep up with !!
    Keep it up dude !!!

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