HOW MANY Facebook Ads Should You Launch For A NEW Shopify Product?

HOW MANY Facebook Ads Should You Launch For A NEW Shopify Product?


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This is a question I get all the time, especially from beginner drop shippers running facebook ads to sell their products on Shopify. Here’s a breakdown on how many ads you should be running to test a new product!

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HOW MANY Facebook Ads Should You Launch For A NEW Shopify Product? For more shopify dropshipping, entrepreneur and business content, be sure to subscribe to the channel!

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  1. put subtitelssmmssnsnwoin slol

  2. i wanna start a store for leggings, i will sell them for like 30-40$ and my shipping method is e packet , my question is should i use usps instead of e packet and add like 5$ or not ?;

  3. I just published 8 – (5$) ad sets on a product that i am 95% shure is a winner, and i'm certain that i'm targeting it correctly and with the right interests. I've gotten about 80 visitors per day the last 2 days and 3 added initiate checkout, but no sales. How long should i keep them running before i shut them down ? (Site is very professional looking, not worried about that)

  4. This stuff is invaluable. I love learning things from different angels I didn’t otherwise know about always teaches me that I have a lot to learn and evolve further. More videos!!!!

  5. Hey man. Do you do like personal one on one coaching and training?

  6. as many as you can oh yeah yeah

  7. Could you make a video about validating interests?

  8. I'm excited. After a year of investing in the crypto space, and many years of teaching kids, the one thing I have is patience. Ready to learn something new.

  9. can somebody help me, I still can't post any FB ads because my facebook manager account is disabled, but I don't know why. I didn't steal any video from another seller. I only used the picture from aliexpress. What should I do?

  10. Fb ads are Definitely a great way to start creating consistent Income but for beginners On A budget, I would reccomend only testing Items on IG and then moving the potential winners ( items with sales ) onto Fb.

    But Great Video Hayden! 👍

  11. OK so 10-12 adsets per product… and each product is a campaign…

    So how much (on avarge) should be allocated during the testing phase?Would be $10/day per ad set? or per the whole campaign?

    Thanks for the video…

  12. Hey Hayden I messaged u on ig about that consulting call I never received 😕

  13. Awesome video! 2019 is going to be a big year!

  14. Hey I'm a noob just starting out, the ad do u always do video ads, should I make 5 – 10 different videos?

  15. guys on my utube i show you how to make sales without a single facebook ad! check me out if you are intrested- my 16 year old student made 23k in 30 days

  16. I currently have 12 ad sets running right now in one campaign for one product I know that my product is a winning product because there is competition for my product I am getting clicks I am just struggling with conversions so far only have 31 views to the site today so maybe that is why but I don't know

  17. I wonder if hayden even read all this comments

  18. I like how you pronounce niche the proper way 'Neesh. I hate it when people say 'Nitch'

  19. Great video bro 🔥 take notes people and good luck for the year 🙌🏽

  20. 🔥 Video Hayden, some interesting points. Will definitely try this next time I’m testing a product 🙏🏻

  21. I'd say 2 is okay then after a week or 2 create a retargeting ad. It really depends on what you feel comfortable with.

  22. I was watching your « 3 fb ads mistake » video while you uploaded this one 😂

  23. Cool, intrigued to check the case study man.

  24. I was watching ur mental struggles video 😅 and u uploaded this one

  25. 👏Great question! Learning so much from you! If anybody wants to learn more, let’s connect 😎

  26. Great video man🔥 valuable content as always! Anyone else agree?

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