How to Add Drop Down Menu in Shopify (2018)

How to Add Drop Down Menu in Shopify (2018)


How to add drop down menu in Shopify using this easy step by step tutorial in 2018.

I have created this video tutorial for Shopify stores on how to create a drop-down menu for collections, pages, and products to easier navigate in your store.

You can do this in two ways, and the first option you have is to simply have one level to your menu item and add as many collections, pages or products as you like under that.

Thes second way you can do a drop-down menu is to add two levels under one menu item. This will create a bold text on the first level and you will also see level 2 under the level one at the same time.

This way your visitor can choose to go to the collection or just pick a single product direct in the drop-down menu very simple.

If you are new to building your own e-commerce this is a perfect Shopify tutorial for beginners 2018.

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  1. awesome thankks for the help

  2. how do you get items oberlo in your Featured collection and also in a different collection in your drop down menu? please help

  3. Gosh, tks, life saver! I was fighting with the subcategories for 2 day now!

  4. amazing, u are a wizard. Thank u friendo

  5. This was very helpful ! thanks alot 🙂

  6. thanks it was straight to the point and easy to understand

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