How to add Facebook chat to Shopify [UPDATED – JULY 2018]

How to add Facebook chat to Shopify [UPDATED – JULY 2018]


How to install Facebook messenger on your Shopify website. This video will walk you through how to add the Facebook messenger chat on your Shopify website without using any plugins.Interested in having us build you a Shopify Website? Submit a request here:


  1. If you have any problems don't hesitate to leave us a comment!

  2. awesome job, thanks for that!

  3. Hi thanks for the tutorial. The code worked on my deskstop. However it didn't seem to work on mobile. I check out my website on my phone but I don't see the fb messenger icon on my website.

  4. hi, i am here with other problem. my site is not showing the menu button. like shop, catalogue. it is not showing anywhere. it is pleaseee helpp:(

  5. Just used you guide to remove the thing. So easy! Really good guide nice pace!

  6. Does anyone know how can be the pop-up window hidden? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  7. Hello i'm french , thank u but it s not okay : i put the code after the "body" but after nothing on my store

  8. Yeah doesn't work for me either. Followed the steps but not working. Maybe other shopify apps I'm using are interferring??

  9. The BEST video abt live chat!!! Thanks!!!

  10. Hi, great video. I followed all the steps but I unfortunately can't get it to work and I don't know why! I followed all the steps here.

  11. How does it look on mobile though because when I put in the code the pop up message instead a box with an x appeared and when I clicked on the icon it told me login and then the page wasn't found ?

  12. for some reason this isn't working on my website, does this method have known conflicts with shopify apps?

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Best AND easiest Shopify tutorial I have seen and I have seen a lot!! IT JUST F*ING WORKED!

  14. Thank you! Works in march 2019! No need to install an app from shopify app store.

  15. how to do it to appear in mobile?

  16. I copy and paste the code but I cant save…

  17. I do this but don't show on my website.

  18. For some reason, the chat plugin only works on chrome (both on web and mobile). It doesn't appear on safari (both on web and mobile). Any ideas on why this is the case?

  19. February 2019 still working !

  20. Hi i did exact same but it did not work? can you tell me why?
    Thank you

  21. I've whitelisted my website domain on Facebook messenger, but I have a debut theme so the theme file looks different. I've tried pasting the code below Body but nothing happened?

  22. I did the same steps as it's shown in the video but I am not able to see the facebook messenger bot icon on my website. In Des 19 is anything updated in Shopify because of which it's not showing the icon?

  23. Valuable and to the point! thanks mate!

  24. hey thanks for the video 🙂 question do we really want to show our real name though? when they click on the icon it says your name rather than the company? do we have to create a new fb account rather than just a page on our personal account? Thankyou

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