How To Avoid Failing With Shopify Dropshipping (before you even start)

How To Avoid Failing With Shopify Dropshipping (before you even start)


Hopefully this gives you some insight on how to be certain that you will do very well with your store before you even launch it. This is a major key, and I think the biggest thing people leave out is that research aspect…



  1. how do you actually conduct your market research on niches and products before you set up a store

  2. The intro is great lol. Really like the advice of doing research first. I've learned a lot through your channel

  3. I absolutely love how you lowkey flex at the start of your videos😂 love your attitude and continue with the great content my man. I'm learning a lot from you.

  4. Great video! Very helpful content.

  5. can i get some help on my stores !? dude you are awsome !

  6. Would I need an Instagram many followers in my niche to contact these accounts?

  7. Great stuff! I was wondering if you have any advice on strategies for testing and scaling products? Thanks for all the content!

  8. Could you make a video explaining how to be 'legal' on shopify and Paypal being under 18?

  9. Great vid Hayden! It would be great to see a video where you talk about how to analyze your ad stats, for further marketing 🙂 Keep it up!

  10. yoo hayden so i've been workin on testing products and getting traffic to my store with fb ads and influencer posts, although i've had okay results with fb ads, my influencer posts really aren't effective. i'm currently selling clothing accesories for men and women (bracelets, necklaces, hats rings) i have a tough time picking pages because i feel like most general fashion pages aren't reliable/have fake followers and engagement. What pages do you suggest i should target for these products?
    thanks bro i love your videos your the main person i watch for inspiration

  11. Love this! Great clickbait forsure bc I was interested

  12. I want to see you turn this store around, that would be great content !!

  13. spent $50 throughout the 2 weeks of fb ads. lol only 1 sale.

  14. Ton of value bro, always looking to hear from you👍

  15. i've never gotten so much value from a 3 minute youtube vid before…keep it up bro!

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