How To Build A Profitable Shopify Store Step By Step In 2019! – Shopify Tutorial For Beginners

How To Build A Profitable Shopify Store Step By Step In 2019! – Shopify Tutorial For Beginners


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Welcome to the Shopify EcomExcel tutorial for complete beginners to setup a profitable Shopify store in less than 1 HOUR from ZERO!

I will go over everything step by step in this video on how to create the actual store, how to make it look great, how to add products using Oberlo, how to figure out shipping zones and settings for Shopify, as well as amazing tips and tricks to 10X and increase your sales on your store!

We go over optimizing your Shopify theme, how to get beautiful pictures for your store, how to find products specific for your niche, how to find an amazing supplier — all in under one hour.

Now — what is Shopify?

Shopify is an amazing tool that makes setting up a dropshipping store super easy. Dropshipping is an extremely powerful business model that requires no upfront cost, where you list products on your Shopify store and only after someone purchases your product – that’s when you purchase it from your supplier, leaving you with passive income and PROFIT!

By the end of this Shopify tutorial, you will know how to…

– Download and install the BEST Shopify theme
– Everything you need to know for your store settings
– How to add products onto your store using Oberlo

This is an extremely easy to follow tutorial for complete beginners and for people with NO experience starting a Shopify store. I guarantee that you will learn how to setup an amazing store quickly πŸ™‚

Hope you guys enjoy! πŸ™‚


  1. Thank you for the video, very informative and clear to understand.

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  7. Ok so do I setup my site first? or do I do all my tax information first?

  8. whats the app to install for customers to track order

  9. Wow you actually helped me a lot 2 hours ago I had some random stuff now my store looks like I can make some sales haha thanks man

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