How to Design Facebook Ads For Shopify (With Example)

How to Design Facebook Ads For Shopify (With Example)


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  1. Perfect video lesson. Thank you for showing internet marketing interesting facts.

  2. There is so much value in your videos…. That's incredible! Thanks a lot

  3. Hi zack , need your advice . I drop ship Asian blow up dolls from Alibaba. It’s hard to advertise on face book , specially when I tried putting an ad of me on top of the blow up doll with a nice grin on my face . Do you have any ideas about how I can effectively advertise my blow up dolls ? Maybe a picture of the blow up doll at a beach 🏖 or at a politicians office perhaps ? That might be a catchy ad. Thanks for any suggestions

  4. New subscriber..great content buddy.. Watching your vids back to back 👌

  5. Just found your channel today and wow, its great 👍

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