How to do a test transaction on your Shopify store with Shopify Payments or cod

How to do a test transaction on your Shopify store with Shopify Payments or cod


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In this week video, I will show you two methods you can use to do a test transaction on your store using Shopify Payments (Shopify Payments is available only to stores in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia at this time) or using COD (Cash on delivery) as a manual payment method.

Testing Shopify Payments credit cards numbers:

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  1. Cool brother, thank you its useful for me

  2. If you'll choose the cash on delivery method, how do you receive the payment?

  3. I my store is all ready to launch but whenever I click buy now it says “Checkout System disabled”…….is it because I still have the free trial ? …I have also setup up Shopify payments…….I don’t know what’s wrong ? PLEASE HELP AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

  4. 3:30 is it true ? for COD shopify charges ?

  5. How do you get paid in COD method?

  6. if customers use COD is a payment method. should I first pay for my my dropshipping website? pls answer me

  7. Is there any way to test Stripe payment gateway?

  8. Please teach us how to place order through PayPal thanks robert

  9. In Shopify 14 days Trail we will be earning or not…

  10. Interesting video on how to use Cash on Delivery. At least with a digital product. But I would be interested in learning how it works if you are trying to deliver an actual product say to an overseas destination. Would the carrier, say DHL, collect the money in local currency and remit it to your account? Any info? i

  11. How am I gonna receive my income? And how long does it take to get into bank account and how am I going to know that?

  12. Hi I have a question. I have a item that I'm offering free plus shipping, when I get to the checkout it keeps saying Your cart has been modified and the shipping rate you previously selected no longer applies. Please select a new rate. How do I correct this? It works by itself but when i add another item(that's not free plus shipping) it says that. I would appreciate your help, Thank you

  13. Excellent video. You helped me greatly.

  14. you da man!!!! thank you

  15. Nice video.A quick question,so at the end of the day how does the seller actually get paid if COD is enabled.Does the money get into our pay pal account? or is there any other separate set up we have to do to receive the money collected from the customer via COD? Thanks in advance

  16. This is driving me nuts. Nobody can answer a simple question . WHAT DOES SHOPIFY PAY YOU FOR !!! Is it a commission based on percentages like an affiliate, or do you get money for upcharging the products ??? Please explain !!!

  17. Does the cash automatically appear in your bank account in a few days after the purchase?

  18. welldone bro for that great insight, i set up my store two weeks ago, i have been battling with which payment gateway i should use , because my card is nigeria based bank, now i can't find where i should activate shopify payment on my store, am so frustrated, please help, thanks a million

  19. Can you tell ,how long it take to sent shopify my money,if you can please tell me excatly,you would really help me out cuz I dont find Information for that ..

  20. hi i have a question, how can i add credit card payment to my shopify store even if i dont live in the U.S and dont have credit card merchant account? is it possible? i would appreciate your advice and tips, thanks

  21. does the money go right to you bank account after the sale?

  22. Great video it was very help full.

  23. I want you to look at my website "" and let me know what changes I need to make and the videos I need to watch. Your guidance feedback and suggestions will help me in improving my page. I have made this after watching you tube videos since past 2 weeks and its already live since past 2 weeks and customers are also viewing the same thing what you are watching.

  24. Hey your video are excellent , only I did not understand if you recommend to add the facebook pixel trough coding or trough custom conversions_ because you have videos of both , thanks man

  25. Hi will this method help to fire a new Facebook purchase pixel

  26. Something Special… Thank you 😊

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