How To Drop Ship With Shopify & Aliexpress (Free Course)

How To Drop Ship With Shopify & Aliexpress (Free Course)


The REAL Reason 99% Fail Shopify:
Udemy Course w/ Facebook Targeting:

Free 2 Hour Dropshipping Tutorial + 21 Day Free Trial Offer

Watch out for the scammers. Don’t over pay for a dropshipping course. Sure, once you’re ready for some advanced knowledge it’s probably wise to invest in your education. However, there are plenty of free setup tutorials available when it comes to Shopify and Dropshipping.

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  1. That's awesome!! I'm ready to check out your free tutorial

  2. You're the best man !

  3. No one likes freeloaders or scammers…screw them

  4. I love the way you gave us explanation to the point thank you appreciated

  5. I've been looking at places to learn. 1495.00 for one, 997.00 for another, 99.00 for an overseas instructor because he is selling to impoverished populations it's cheep for us. Just found this. and you have a money back guarantee…? I'm in! LOL.

    Is Drop shipping your main income stream? I've been looking at PL but boy I do not like the risks at least at this point.

  6. Good strategy, fight fire with fire, as you have skills and you're the creator of these courses, you can only win.

    Thanks for your videos…

  7. Brain, speaks a lot of nonsense. He waffles allot about for very little. He's more concerned selling his courses. He waffles on and on and on…….

  8. Brian, I have commented before on your videos, and once again, awesome video! It is so obvious that you're an honest and upfront person. It is very hard to trust any online teachings. Thanks and great idea on trying to combat the scammers. There is always going to be someone trying to feed off another's success!

  9. I understand your video and why your doing it. What I don't understand is you mislabel your video "How To Drop Ship With Shopify & Aliexpress". Your not show anything of your title says. For me, Video title completely miss leading.

  10. Trying to learn as much as I can before open a shop. But very nervous about it. Thanks for all your encouragement. I will keep watching and learning.

  11. Plz let me know if there is restriction on drop shipping from different website or not and what about product limitation, how many product can I list and how many categorized I can make

  12. Hello sir I am thinking about starting Shopify for drop shipping. So my question is on Shopify am I allowed to post product from any website that I like. For example if there is one website that I like but is overseas in India can I list their product on my Shopify website

  13. Hey Brian, question for you… You posted a vid afew weeks back about using tumblr and leadpages and some other tools to cash in on affiliate marketing… Can you recommend any other forms of traffic building for this type of blog besides Facebook ???

  14. SCREW THE SCAMMERS ! Keep rocking your stuff it's awesome !

  15. Is this the same course that you have on youre web site ? You also have one for 497?

  16. I love your content and thanks for the course! After my partner and I go out for burritos tonight we'll be coming home and buying your course! Also does anyone know how to get conversions from a fb ad, we have 400 likes and like 80 shares with everyone saying they want the product but no sales. Should I just do free plus shipping?

  17. Good Job Brian, I'll diffidently be looking at helping out in the cause.

  18. Bravo, Brian beat down those scammers shame on them. I will get your course and shut them down.

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