How To Find A Shopify Dropshipping Niche In 17 Minutes (2018 Method)

How To Find A Shopify Dropshipping Niche In 17 Minutes (2018 Method)


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In todays video I go over the shoulder and find a profitable shopify dropshipping niche in 17 minutes.

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  1. Have you tried Instagram Influencers for getting sales? What do you think about it especially for a beginner who doesn't have a lot of capital to spend on ads.

  2. Hey Sean. Can u use gifs for FB Ads and also can you use the same ads that u use on FB for Google Display Networks as well?

  3. i have a question about a previous video you did it was the video about lookalike audiences made from data collected from video ads great video btw im having alittle success by doing that strategy but im kind of stuck and would love to hear some insight on what you think i have been using the lookalike audience and i can't seem to find one that is bringing me consistent sales im wondering what you think if you have any tips and tricks if you had the same problem and how you would get past that

  4. Thank you, that was a very helpful and easy process to evaluate a feasible niche.

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