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  1. You remind of hi my name is boxxy

  2. New subscriber! I am a HUGE fan of Gary Vee and Tai Lopez. I stumbled across your video when looking up "trends". You have some great content and I look forward to watching more videos. Thanks

  3. Thank you so much brother very helpful

  4. How would you NAME a trend based shop? hmm…

  5. How can I get in on this Team Jet Set I have a lot to bring and also have 3 companies of my own looking for like minded individuals that know how to grind and crush it! We should chat on Facebook or IG 👌🏾 talk soon

  6. I wish you could love a video not just like lol! Big up Thaddeus, dropping hella gems! More blessings bro

  7. what is the name of your store you talked about that got 30000 followers in one month?

  8. link to the clout goggle video ??

  9. Tweaking… Yeah I would say that's the appropriate word. Love the energy! Just not when I'm hungover. 😁

  10. whoa!,,,getting dizzy..

  11. I'll have what you're drinking…….Quick!! Someone hook an extension cord to this guy and we could power Kansas!

  12. Great content 👍🏻 hey here is a question… do i need to import products using Oberlo? Can i not manually add them and then fulfill orders my own way? Please reply its important .

  13. If you have tranding products, than that is not really a niche site right?..lots of people say, that niche sites are better in the long run..

  14. Come on man, this video is a definition of a "trend", there is NO info on how to predict one!!

  15. To blow up quick and maintain a reputable brand would we copy the competitor's pricing strategy (its proven to work based on their success) or compete on price (meaning taking lower margins)?

  16. Can you make a video on dealing with high risk orders?

  17. #plugged Thaddeus, could you please make a video talking about retargeting?????

  18. Let's do a collab🔥🔥

  19. Bruh I fucking love name. Thanks for the value.

  20. My rabbit brother with the knowledge <3

  21. you so genuine man !! … that was the reason i subscribed in your first video. And…. GARYVEE … the legend . #Mycomment5

  22. But you have to wait till those products show up somewhere to know about them though. Right?

  23. clouted up ? is that you?

  24. hey Thaddeus, bro you're always dropping really great and useful content! I appreciate it! I was wondering if you could do a video on how you bundle different products when they come from different distributors?

  25. i've sold over 100 clout goggles thanks to Thaddeus!

  26. I’ve been trying to sell Clout Goggles for like a week but i dont know who to target

  27. This dude does offer value. not like those other fake ass that think they offering value and all they do i try to sell you a course.. love your videos bro keep it up.

  28. Mind if I ask for the name of your original Instagram account. Keep up the good work. You've inspired me to try this stuff out.

  29. Good shit bro was asking myself this question today.

  30. Took notes on this video son! Always dropping them 💎💎💎💎💎! Thanks boss!

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