How To Find Top Selling Products For Shopify (Aliexpress Dropshipping)

How To Find Top Selling Products For Shopify (Aliexpress Dropshipping)


Simple methods for doing product research on Shopify and how to find hot selling products to dropship on Aliexpress.
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  1. thanks for sharing all this valuable lesson

  2. Hey Tristan

    Do you actually have a video of how to start a Shopify store if you are based in Australia?

  3. Thank you Tristan, cleared a lot of stuff for me.

  4. Great video, Subscribed!!

  5. I wonder if that mug is legal to sell though. Aren’t branded products illegal??

  6. Hi Tristan, I know this is an old video, but I just wanted to say that it still works today. I've tried 2 other "solutions" that did not work, but yours was solid. Cheers mate!

  7. You're an absoloute Legend mate!

  8. Hi Tristan, thanks for this great video. Your advice is to build a general store, but what about single product stores?

  9. is this strategy still valid

  10. Hi! What software are you using to be able to see the e packet information and processing times in AliExpress?

  11. 2018 and the video is still awesome lol….thanks !!

  12. oh shiiiiiit what a golden info u gave us thank you soooo much please I need ur instagram

  13. Hi Tristan. I would like to ask how do you get all the pictures from Ali express when you wanna test or sell a product?

  14. I just came from a Kevin David webinar that made my heart bleed…over an hour convincing me to buy his course. THANK YOU for lifting my mood with real content. I tried your way of testing products to no success(PPE) i tried one with the ATC objective that got over 20,000 impressions and 13 add to carts no sales 🙁 I am now going to try arie shersons(spelled wrong)method which is purchase objective many adsets. I am putting my life savings into this so it will workout

  15. Thanks a lot man you are a hidden tresure to the DS Nation !

  16. i would do a landing page, less expensive, and you dont have to rebrand your whole store after finding a one single winning product. use click funnels for this. cause imagine rebranding store each time, that means you would have to buy a domain each time cause if not it just looks unrofessional, and wont give trust for the customer to buy it. Just a thought. let me know what you all think.

  17. You’re the best. I’m from the Philippines. And i’m so happy i found your channel! Fuck! You’re the BEAST man! Thanks for all the info. I bookmarked all the site!

  18. Tristian is this still relevant today?

  19. ive been watching your awesome videos and yet havent subscribed lol

    Just subscribed 🙂

  20. Hi Tristan, have you found it to be ok to sell products like the Doctor Who mug without any issues with copyrite etc? There are others who say never to sell product s that have bands or trademarked merchandise images on them. Cheers mate

  21. thax a buch buddy you made my day… actually night..😀

  22. How do I use commerce inspector I click the extension but nothing pops up.

  23. My concern now is trademarked and patented products. So gadgets and stuff could have patents or original creators. Can legal action be taken. And then there are images too. I’m losing my mind now because this is limiting what I can add to my store.

  24. @Tristan Broughton do you still use Commerce Inspector?

  25. Im just starting at Dropshipping, and I have to say. Really appreciate your video's! Keep up the amazing work! PS. This is the first time EVER i felt the urge to comment to a video. Great job!

  26. these contents are gold, man. Thank you for making these videos to beginner like us. I will save money to buy course 😀

  27. Really good and comprehensive video that..thank you very much amigo for uploading 🙂

  28. Most people that try selling on Shopify fail! Sign up for this webinar and learn how you can get your store making, $100- $200+ a day in a week

  29. My god this video need to go down 😛 joking great value bro thanks!

  30. i love the way you explaining the tutorial….God bless

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  32. Ok, so you test items, does that mean you already have the stock ready to go before you advertise? Or do you order once you know you have demand?

  33. Do you have a video on how you test products to see which one is the winner?


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