How To Get %100 FREE TRAFFIC to Your Shopify Store in 2018

How To Get %100 FREE TRAFFIC to Your Shopify Store in 2018


In this video, I show you how to make money online on social media and shopify dropshipping. Using Instagram influencers, Facebook, or even ppc! If you enjoy this kind of content please be hit the like button and be sure to Subscribe ►

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**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment.

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  1. This shit is VALUABLE !!! never seen this kind of marketing tip! Thanks man!

  2. when you post even though you have the tab selected as the page your posting as it uses your main profile, as in your name as posting to that group for the page. So won't that get you kicked from the group?

  3. Very good material I got some ideas for your if your interested.

  4. My question is this is all well and good, but just as in your example, the ADMIN controls whether your post will even be allowed to be published on their group page. The dream could die right there!

  5. So Dont post the link in there?

  6. Hey wassup. Great vid, appreciate it. I paid 3 different IG influencers to no avail and fb ads were a pain to deal w. Gonna drop my baby off at daycare and get to work on what you taught me. God bless🤘🏽😊

  7. how to get traffic? join – WIN/WIN Business

  8. Correct me if I wrong, in the original post in my group should be a picture with a link? or just picture and that "quote"? or we hide the link to the picture's description?)))) can't understand a bit…thanks!

  9. Hi malick! Where are you from?

  10. Hi Malik, I have a store with a friend, would you mind looking at it and giving us suggestions 1on1?

  11. Great video! Do you join the group as yourself then share the business page to the group?

  12. Thank you sooo much 4 the useful info man!

    But in your opinion is this method better then paying for Facebook ads?

  13. This doesnt work because when you post it to whichever group it will show that you posted it from your personal account.

  14. Golden nuggets :).

    I love u (no homo) XDD

  15. thank you for the valuable info bro, earned my sub gman

  16. posting link in group will make yr link blacklisted in fb.

  17. hopefully things works for sales as well. ive bee getting tons of traffic the last couple weeks but not a lot of sales so im trying anything new. thank you.

  18. Fuck fuck book every fucking account I make gets cocked

  19. Very helpful! Thanks!👌👍

  20. Nice! But your voice isn't loud enough. Can't even listenable from mobile without headset

  21. Found a winning product in 5 SECONDS! 🙂

  22. If this gets me money then I'll get you money by buying tha damn course!

  23. YESSS!! Thank you for posting this. I used to do casting for reality tv and I used FB groups to find my talent and they are some of the most POWERFUL resources!

  24. If you're just starting a store and do this how many posts should you have on your fb page

  25. I literally checked around when children shout was played

  26. Www.
    Beautiful Afforable Jewlery w/ FREE Worldwide Shipping !

  27. Found you by accident and so glad I did. AWESOME INFO!!!

  28. Aw man just found this video. Sale is over 🙁

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  30. This doesn’t work anymore .. Eventually u will b reported to admin or Facebook and u will b banned

  31. very very nice, Thank you for sharing this video…. visit

  32. whoops logged into my friends account for youtube RED

  33. This is so good!!!!! WOW. Thank you so much (: Add me on the snap: Kayla_migliano. I just seen this video ): Can I still get the course for $37? Thank you, Malik!

  34. do you contact your students personally in your course

  35. lol turn them kids down a lil bit fux me up everytime

  36. How many businesses do you run? Awesome tips by the way

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