How To Increase Shopify Sales Using Google Shopping Ads in 2018

How To Increase Shopify Sales Using Google Shopping Ads in 2018


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In this video I show you How to increase your Shopify Dropshipping Store Sales Using my Google Shopping Product Research Hacks in 2018.

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  1. Thank you sir giving us valuable content. Not many people showing about google shopping, so please keep it up publishing your worthy knowledge.

  2. How do you switch your campaign optimization from maximize clicks to conversions?

  3. Love your videos dude. One question here, how do you normally priced your product based on the cost? Like multiplying it by 2x,3x or specific margin range?

  4. How would you suggest going about doing POD with google search since ppl wont be typing in your particular product? Should you just target keyword phrases that best align with the product and make it congruent as possible? Or is FB the better route for POD?

  5. Mad value. Love that I found you and your Channel! 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Do you think POD products would work well with Google Shopping?

  7. thanks bro bro nothing but value I appreciate it

  8. Love your videos! Keep-’em coming.

  9. lovin the content Chris, keep the videos comin!!

  10. great value , just one thing i don't recommend selling anything related to fortnite , epic games ( the company who made the game ) are so serious when it comes to this , they sue hackers in their game , what would u expect from them ? they will for sure sue anybody without hesitation , i saw an ad on google the other day of someone selling tshirts related to that game , i checked they had crazy traffic ( 3k a day ) after about a week i check that site again it was down ! my only expectation was that they sued them for it

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